Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 7, 2011


Well since you started off writing about the superbowl i guess i will start off writing about it too. To be honest didnt even know it was yesterday but i dreamt about the superbowl last night. I woke up and told my new awesome white comp what i had dreamt. I told him i dreamed the superbowl and the Packers were playing the Steelers and the Packers won 21-14. And at the end of the game the steelers had a chance to win it or tie with a touchdown. And the packers stopped them. Even tho i didnt see the superbowl i kinda did in my own form with the same team winning so that was awesome. To be honest i didnt even know who was in the Superbowl but i dremt the correct 2 teams. Awesome....

So i am glad to hear westons baptism went great. That is awesome. Wish i could have been there for it but o well i am here and i will be back for when Laynie gets baptized so that will be awesome. Glad to know i won by a landslide on the voting against brandon. But i am hoping that brandon wasnt there. Or else he would feel bad now. Him and his poor little sensitive feelings ha ha.

I want to encourage all to read the Book of Mormon, to understand it and apply it not just read it to read it. But really understand it and how it applies to us. The Book of Mormon will change lives. The Book of Mormon is the most powerful tool in conversion. Trust me it will do the work. No one should be an unbeliever of how the Book of Mormon saves lives. But after people read it they will understand. If people doesnt believe it is real at this moment they need to read it and everynight after reading it people need to pray and ask our Father in Heaven if what they read is true. And if people will do that i promise they wil come to the knowledge that the Book of Mormon really is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Dude for real Brooklyn painted that. That is amazing i thought that you attached something you bought it is amazing. That is so well done. She could sale that for thousands but i encourage her not to. But that is an amazing piece of art. I am really really impressed.

Alright well i did get a new comp this week. But before i get into that i decided last tuesday to return with my comp. And when i returned he didnt talk to me for 2 hours and then all the sudden he started to talk and everything gradually went back to normal like nothing had happened. He said that has never happened with anyone before. But like i have said and will continue to say for ever. I am AWESOME. that was the key in it ha ha. Just kidding i am sure there was a lot more to it. But he did get changed out of Sebaco and i am still here. I got a white comp he has one more change then me. His name is Elder Myers. And i cant tell you how awesome it is to have a White comp that wants to do work as well. And we can work together to make progress well just to be straight up its LEGIT.

So i got a bunch of letters this week that were sent from December before christmas. Sister Peterson sent me a card and she wrote it had money in it but i didnt find the money so that was a downside but it was awesome to get the letter. And all the letters from the ward. Throw out a thank you to them.

So we have been teaching a lot of people and trying to reactivate the less actives. And we have been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon. and this week we taught a lesson with a member and when we asked her to bear her testimony about the book of mormon she said something legit She just straight up said. The Book of Mormon is Eternal Life. Which it really is but ill just let you think about it.

But the Family that we baptized Family Machado like 3 weeks ago, the dad got the priesthood yesterday and the Son it was awesome. It made me so happy. A miracle really took place in his life. Before his baptism he had smoked almost everyday for years. and two days before his baptism we got him to finally completely give it up and here we are 3 weeks later and he still hasnt smoked or touched a Cig its like he just dropped it all at once. Through the Help of the Book of Mormon and Prayer.

Well its kinda long know i love you and by the end of this change i will be about 1/3 of the way done so you can wait 3 times longer ha ha AINT NO THANG.

Love ya,
Elder AwesoMoore

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