Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

Psh i dont believe in a Valentines i believe in girls but psh valentines no.. But i gladly accept your request. I will happily be your valentines even tho we are thousands of miles away know i love you and you'r eare the best valentines. They do celebrate valentines day here many people asked me yesterday if we celebrated valentines day en estados unidos i told them of course we invented that day. Cause we are americans and we are awesome and we invent stuff like that. But ya if people didn't ask me about valentines day yesterday i would have forgotten.

That is legit about your bathroom i am excited to see pictures of it. But its a downer that your computer is like a girl and just throws fritz. Maybe you should have bought a mans computer and it wouldnt have had so many problems ha ha. Thanks for hittin me up on the facebook info ill make sure to sign in and rsvp. Gah that is so crazy they gettin married. I better be an uncle or close to by the time i get back. That would be so awesome.

So Jerry Sloan finaly realized that he was never going to win and just retired ha ha well good for him. Ha ha in the middle of the season what a clown. Are the jazz just suckin this year or why did he retire other than the fact he knew they were never going to win.

So something i have really come to miss being here is going to the temple it was so awesome going every week in the mtc but now i am like 5 months free of going to the temple and it sucks. The temple is so awesome its that bomb.

I have not gotten my package yet but thou shalt not worry it is on the way and i have faith it will get here before my birthday. I hope ha ha

so this week we met someone named felizpedro ha ha ya that is his name happy peter ha ha just throwin that in here. So this week we worked really hard reactivating people. And we had many come to church this week that hadnt been to church in a while. So it was awesome to see people come to church again.

This week we found and taught a way sweet family. We shared the message about the restoration with them and when my comp shared the first vision i felt the truthfulness of it. It just nailed me the spirit testified to me at that moment so hard harder then i had ever felt during the sharing of the first vision. And the dad of the family felt it too and his face completely changed. After we asked him how he felt during the first vision. And he explained that which he felt. It was amazing it was such a powerful lesson. And it totally just animated me and gave me so much energia. Just made me so stoked to the max. But we are preparing him and his 5 kids for baptism for the 5 of march.

Know that i love you and miss you and i know with out doubt that this is the true church. Really it is kinda obvious ha ha. I have learned so much out here and i am continuing to learn each day i am out here its amazing and awesome.

Know i love ya and miss ya but it is only 17 months till i will see you again. 17 more fast sundays what up cuz aint no thing.
Love You Elder AwesoMoore

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