Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Ya ya it's Monday! So to start off the white comp I had well he had emergency changes and now I am back to a latin comp. They called Elder Myers last Monday and he left Tuesday to Puerto Cabezas and that is where my comp came from. He is awesome but iIhave only known him for about a week and don't want to jinx anything but we get a long good. It's like we are friends not just comps stuck together and it's awesome.

But this week I had a horrible sleeping schedule. Tuesday I had to wake up at 4 and go to Managua cause of the changes and then Wednesday night at like 10:30 we got a call and said we had to be in San Icidro other city in Esteli at 4:45 in the morning which was impossible cause there is no bus at that time in the morning. So we were trying to figure out what to do and ended up taking a 30 minute taxi ride at midnight to a city called Dario where we slept kinda. We woke up at 3:30 am and took a bus to Leon. Our destination was Chinandega cause we had a multi zona conferencia there. So we woke up at 3:30am and took a bus to Leon and then took a miniature bus to Chinandega. Thursday I spent like 5 hours traveling just to get to Chinandega and like 3 and half hours to get back. It was horrible and with no sleep it's been a rough couple days with out sleep.

So ya I am totally about to leave the teenage years. They will be missed but what ev aint nothing I can do about it. I will no longer be a teenager in like 10 days, I dunno how far away it is.

I do approve of Laynies boyfriend as long as he treats her good and it sounds like he does ha ha. How old is he? I am so jealous ha ha guys with girls. Man i miss being with a girl ha ha. One day. I just spend my days with another guy its awesome but girls psh they are well they are girls.

Psh Brooklyn can't drive ha ha she is still a young child. That is so crazy she is growing up so fast. And her truck better be freakin awesome and she better not wreck it. Is she a good driver like me or did she end up like Brandon?

Yesterday in the night I got eatin alive by fleas but it's ok I am a man about it. It just itches real bad. I am infected but don't worry about me.

So this past week Jorge a Recent convert went fishing and came back with a bunch of fish. He asked me if I wanted some I said sure. Well here in Nicaragua they take the fish straight from the river throw it over a fire for like 5 minutes and call it good with scales and fins and all. Ha ha I ate it cause I am awesome and do awesome things like that and it actually tasted good.

Also this week we were at a house of other recent converts that just moved here and before we left they wanted to play a game and they asked me to pick a game. So I chose to play BOMBA. None of them had played it before but I explained to them how it was played. And the losers had to eat hot chilis. And we all know that I was born to win but my other 3 team mates weren't so we lost and had to eat freakin hot chili. And my mouth burned to the max but it was legendary but what makes it even more legendary was that before I ate the chili I was playing with it in my hand and then all the sudden my eyes itched both of them so I itched both of my eyes and well I had chili on my hand and my eyes well stung to the max. I couldn't open them. They were red and it was sweet. It stung pretty good. Gave me some good pain but I was a man about that too ha ha.

So this week we are going to have a baptism hopefully. We talked to him today and he is still down. But I want you to pray for Marlon Molinares. He is awesome and I love him and we have been working with him for like a month and a half and has been to church 4 times. It is just he set his own personal goal to be baptized and the goal he set was the 26th of this month. It will be so awesome to see him get baptized. I cant wait. He is the man ha ha. And we still have the baptismal date for the 5th of March for the family. They are so awesome.

I love the mission and finding new people to share the gospel with and just becoming friends with the people this really is a life changing - life helping experience and I love it. Ya I miss home and friends some times but there is no place I would rather be then here with the people I am with. I love it. I love helping change the life of some one else who is in need of help. This gospel has so much to offer and many people miss out on the many blessings God has for them. This Evangelio gives Happiness. I have such a strong testimony of this Church something I have never had before. But I have found it here on the Mission where I have devoted 2 years to Serve the Lord and To bring the truth to those that don't have it. To help serve another. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS IS THE TRUE CHURCH I know it, I have felt it, and I am here with a purpose to share my testimony with others.

I love you miss ya,
Elder AwesoMoore

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