Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 28, 2011

Well mother you are freakin awesome and I love you. Today we went to Dario, a city about 20 minutes south of Sebaco. They are part of our district. My district threw a surprise birthday party for me and it was freakin awesome and I loved it. We had it at a rich catholic lady's house. The missionarys in Dario eat there. She is awesome she is rich. Well rich for livin in Nicaragua and her house is really nice. This is the nicest house I have been in during my time in the mission.

We had cake, made brownies, ate and watched a movie. We watched Charly. That movie is so sad and awesome at the same time.

The Sports World sounds awesome and the jazz trading DWILL wow what a mistake but what ev que me importa the jazz arent my team ha ha. Still haven't recieved my package but I know it will get here soon and I can't wait. It will be awesome. Tomorrow we are going to make cake for our zone meeting cause I still have the cake mix you sent cause ovens dont exist in Sebaco where I am at. I'm about to leave the teenage years and jump in to the 20s how awesome. Legit i know kinda like me. I'm legit right?

Alright so I started teaching an english class and well when I teach I make the class call me Brother JMO. 2 reasons: Brother is in english and the J [ jay ] sound doesn't exist in spanish. So the class calls me Brother J mo and every week I teach the class [ palabras de la calle] words from the street like Awesome Thug Gangsta Swag...things like that and it's awesome. Ha ha but they are learning.

My goals for the mission go as followed: really I only have one that I like to focus on. A lot of missionaries here just throw people in the water the mission life here is so different than it should be. They just throw them in the water and the people go inactive. My goal is to really convert the people and not just throw them in the water. Like Marlon he shared his testimony with me and even tho he is not going to be baptized till Wednesday he tells me that he is already mormon. He has accompanied us to church 5 times and knows that which we are teaching him is true. And I have loved to see the change in him happen. He is now praying and reading the book of mormon everyday and has a goal to finish the book of mormon in 5 months. Really I just want to convert the people not baptize the people.

For you this is the advice I am going to give you. Download all the EFY songs or a lot and listen to them listen to what it is saying in each song I promise it will help you. As dumb as it might sound do it because they are very influencial and you can find many answers through listening to EFY. And just always read the book of mormon always and pray with faith real intention and sincere heart. Don't just pray, conversate with your father in heaven. He wants to talk to you. Give him the oppurtunity.

Know that I love you and I know that this church is true with out a doubt in my mind if i didnt i wouldnt be here. I love this work ya its hard but life aint about takin the easy road out. Love ya and Miss ya

Elder Moore

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