Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 28, 2011

We have so many people we are teaching right now. We are working really hard right now in San Isidro so that they can put missionaries there. So we have like 3 families we are teaching. We have a goal to baptize 2 families in San Isidro before this change is over and we are working really hard with the members cause the members are pilas. Just working so hard so they can have missionaries there. In Sebaco we do have progressing investigadores but here it's hard cause the members don't want to do anything they don't want to visit or help. But JOrge the friend of Marlon is stoked to go to Conference this week. He is progressing. He has come a long way. He is just scared to get baptized but we are working with him. And then the guy who hadn't gone to church for 30 years has come to church with us 2 times now and believes we everything we have taught him and so we are finding success. It's just really hard working here in Sebaco cause the members don't want to help. The only people that go with us are our recent converts - the long time members, no. It's hard but I love our recent converts. And Marlon is telling all his friends and we have appointments with him and his friends this week. So we are teaching just hoping we find success. And can take the first step and get baptized. I just hope they come to a knowledge of the truth and that they can feel it for themselves

That is so crazy that Brooklyn is in drivers ed now all drivin like a boss. Brooklyn is freaking awesome. I love that girl to death. Let her know that I am so proud of her. She is a good person. I love her. And tell Brandon to go to San Juan Del Sur for his honeymoon. It looks so legit and everyone loves it. I have seen many pictures. It would be the perfect place to go. I'm gonna go there for my honeymoon.

I am so jealous or the weather you got there. It's so freaking hot here. I am dying or heat en serio. I want rain but everyone says when it rains it like floods the streets and it rains everyday. But it is like so dry and hot right now.

No that makes me so sad that Sister Watts died. She was awesome. I loved that lady. She was a good friend. I used to always talk to her. What kind of cancer did she have? Sister Watts is the bomb. She always had a smile on her face. Hopefully that family is doing ok. I send my love and my respect to them.

Psh you are so excited for conference week? I bet ya I am more excited. I can't wait for conference. It will be so legit. And I am so happy for Nathaniel that is so awesome. If you see him or talk to him tell him I am proud of him. That really does make me so proud. I would like to be updated with how it goes with him and his servise mission.

So this week we went to a restaurant cause our lunch appointment canceled cause she got way sick. So we went to the richest restaurant in town ha ha. Cause we can. And we entered and there was only one family of Latins there. But after 15 minutes of waiting like 15 gringos came in talking in English and me and Elder Sarceno were so confused. We didn't know what to do. We were just laughing the whole time. And then after like another 15 minutes another group of like 8 gringos came in and it was just a restaurant full of gringos speaking English ha ha. But the group of 8 were Jehovas Witnesses and the other group we have no idea like tourists or movie makers. I dunno maybe they were here filming that thing on Nicaragua. The documentary you just saw.

So today for PDAY we went on a way sweet hike up a river where there were indian drawings and little water falls and water holes where people were swimming. I wanted to swim so bad. It kinda reminded me of the hike at the ranch that we always do. I'll send pictures of it so you can enjoy the view.

Right now this part goes out to ginger. ha ha. DOUBLE RAINBOW WHAT DOES IT MEAN HA HA DOUBLE RAINBOWS. Me and my comp were talking about that today.

Anyways know that I love ya and miss ya and that I have officially completed 8 months today. 33 percent done. Ain't no thing. Can you wait 3 times longer? Course you can cause 2 years aint no thing. I love you to the max mama. Until next time. One week from now. Love ya love ya love ya a ton!

Love ya all,
Love Elder Moore

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