Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Wow! So jelous that you got to listen to Elder Holland, I can't wait till conference. I am so stoked. I am also stoked for all our investigadores and recent converts to hear the apostles and prophet speak. It will be so awesome. In one week I complete a third of the mission a full 8 months. I am so accustomed to being here it pretty much feel like this is my home. Well it is ha ha.

So sounds like Elder Holland gave a really good talk now you just got to take from what you learned and apply it in your life. Put in practica that which he taught. Just stay on the boat and you won't be disapointed. Ya we got problems in this life but we got to learn from them and grow from them. A scripture I like to share that goes hand in hand with fighting through problems is in alma 26 versiculo 27 it talks about when we are going through hard times and we just want to give up we just got to endure a little longer and the Lord will comfort us. He is always there with us. We will always come out on top if we are on the Lord's side. We will always win just got to fight through the trials in our life for a short time. God knows us and knows our problems and diffuculties. We just need to depend on Him. But we also have to do our part and act. For conference I think this time I will be able to go to the priesthood session and both sessions on Sunday which I am totally stoked for.

But as for me and my area, I am still here in Sebaco for another change but I did get a new comp, Elder Sarceno. He is from Texas and has one less change than me. He came fluent in Spanish but knows Enlish too. But even tho he is fluent in spanish I dominate the lessons. I freakin love teaching now that I can pretty much say waht I want to say during a lesson. I can pretty much teach what ever and help people resolve their doubts and answer questions. My bible is just marked up to the max and its' so organized and I am now doing a Book of Mormon. I just love searching scriptures especially when I find an answer to someone's questions. For example we have an investigator that is waiting on a sign or a vision or a dream cause a lot of people want that. And during my last studies I found the perfect scripture for him. It's found in DyC 63 :8-10. For some reason I have a new obsession to search scripture and it's awesome. I am learning so much. I can pretty much resolve what ever doubt or question they have from using the bible or the book of mormon. But ya my new comp is awesome. And totally had another way awesome click in speaking spanish. I love it.

So I finally got your package this week and the glow in the dark bracelets are freakin awesome. We partied with them. Where I eat dinner there are 6 kids and we had fun with them. No one here has ever seen glow in the dark bracelets so they were lovin them. And papa's tie is the tie that makes me work harder. Every time I wear it I decide I am representing paps and I got to work harder and make him proud.

This week in church we had 8 investigadores. It was awesome., I was so frustrated with my last comp that hated work and our numbers were going down but now I am comp mayor and we doin work. When I came to Sebaco there was 28 people in church and this past week we had 54 and hopefully we can keep lifted. With the comp i just had my last change we dropped to like 36 and it made me mad. I was so frustrated but now I am boss so hopefully we can find some success this change.

So I crossed off another thing on my bucket list ha ha. I got my hair cut like a Nica ha ha. I had my first hair cut in Nicaragua. Usually I just had someone with a shaver shave my heard but this time I went to the barberia and had the barber cut my hair like a Nica ha ha. It's a different form but its awesome ha ha. We call it the Nica Cut.

Well we have a possibility for this week that we have been working with for a while. I have seen a big change in him and I know he is ready just he doesnt know that he is ready yet. So we will see what happens. Before we met him he had smoked for more than 30 years and hadn't gone to church in 30 years. He is now over a month sober of smoking and has gone to church with us 2 times. His name is Luis.

I always seem to write something about Marlon so I will do that now. He wants to go to the temple so bad and he keeps meeting members of the church every where he goes and they talk and he learns something new then we teach him more in depth about it. Like this week he wanted to learn about the temple and when he could go and other more personal stuff. He has the thirst to learn more and it's awesome. He is pilas. His wife I think in time will be a member. She is starting to warm up to us a little bit at a time and Marlon told us that when we don't come she asks him where we are. Another cool thing I printed off a bunch of pictures for Marlon and this week when we went to his house he took one of the pictures and made a huge copy of it like 18x12 and framed it made it look all nice and it's hanging in his house. The pictures was from his Baptism of him, me, and all the members that came to his baptism. It is awesome. I have loved seeing the change in him. He is my best friend.

Well I got to go. I love ya and hope you enjoy the pictures I sent. I am pretty much sending you all the pictures I care about because so many cameras get stolen and the memoria gets erased and I don't want that to happen and if you have it all I am good to go. so for that reason I am sending so many pictures but love you.

I know that this is the true church. God gives us so many signs that this is the true church but sometimes there are just 1 or 2 things that make us second guess the truth even tho we have so many things telling us that we have the truth. We can never second guess the truth we have known all along throughout our whole life. I love this gospel and I know it's the Church of Jesus Christ.

Love you so much!

Love, Elder Moore

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