Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14, 2011

Well don't have much to write but solo just want to write about how awesome Marlon is and the awesome experiences he is having. So about a week ago he was visiting his friend in Leon or Chinandega I cant remember. But his friend started talking to him about how he found the true church and gospel and started going off about his church and how he knew with out doubt it was true but never mentioned the name of the church. But was just baptized into that church. After a little while of talking about their beliefs cause Marlon was sharing stuff as well they came to the conclusion that they were from the same religion. One of his friends that lived In a different city was also just baptized and became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ. It was awesome but the wife of his friend was not baptized and Marlon said when she told him that she wasnt baptized she asked him what he thought. And he said at that moment he shared his testimony with her and how he knew it was the true church.

Another story. We passed by Marlon's house this week and he was teaching his wife. His wife won't talk to us. She is pretty catholic she talks to us just not about the religionous stuff. So he started teaching her and gave her a pamphlet about the restoration and she started reading it. He is Pilas.

Another man this past week he told us he couldn't go to church cause his family was going to go to San Juan Del Sur for a vacation to spend time together as a family but ne knew the vacation would last through Sunday. So he told us he prayed and asked God for Permission to see if it was alright if he went on vacation with his family instead of going to church. Ha ha well funny story not really funny but the next day the tsunami and earthquake hit Japan and all the news reporters said that it was going to effect San Juan del Sur and that no one should be there and it was evacuated. So ha ha he recieved his answer so he ended up going to church.

Had a bomb PDay made pupasas and played volleyball with water balloons and towels and just had a huge water fight it was legit with the whole zone. I left my little book at home that reminds me what I need to write home about so really I dunno what to write. So I will keep this one short. Sorry if I let you down with exciting things but I guess you will have to wait for next week unless I can think.

Changes are this week. I think I am out of here I dunno. I hope they send me back to Jinotega. Presidente Guzman visited me today. I freakin love that guy.

I'll put this in there. I dunno if I wrote home about this but I saw a guy get hit by a car. He was crossing in front of the bus and I was in the bus and it didn't look very good and a taxi nailed him and he went flying and hit face first on the asphalt and was bleeding pretty good. He couldn't move and the taxi just took off. Really the police dont exist here. It is so different here. I can't tell you how many dead bodies I have seen on the television. Bodies that are still bleeding.

But ya know i love ya and miss ya.
Love Elder AwesoMoore

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