Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

So since you started off asking how the birthday was I figure I will write to you first about the best birthday I have had. This past week was awesome and full of fun. I already told you about what went down last pday with the little surprise thing. But Tuesday we made cake as a zone in the church and then the ZLs surprised me with a pinata. And everyone got a swing at it. It was awesome and way enjoyable. So Tuesday was a bomb day and monday as well and they werent even the days of my birth. But then came the actual birthday day. And when people would ask me .... What are you going to do for your birthday I would reply with "I am going to baptize my best friend." I said that everytime ha ha. Anyways so the hermans in our district gave me a sweet bracelet and sang to me as did many.

But also my birthday was the big day! The goal for Marlon. The goal that he set for himself. I saw him in the morning in a little bus and talked to him quickly. I could tell he was really nervous but didn't say anything about his nervousness. He wished me a happy birthday and we set a time for his baptism. We set it for 6 o clock Wednesday night. So we got everything prepared and went to his house so we could go together. We talked for a while and still I could see how nervous he was. He kept tellin us I'll meet you there at 6 but we didnt leave him. We walked together and talked about random stuff to try to take away the nervousness he had. So when we got to the church he talked to me alone just me and him. He told me how nervouse he was. At that moment a bunch of stuff came into my head about what to tell him. I told him many things and shared many things with him and shared my testimony. After that he asked me if I would join him in a prayer. So after that we prayed. And when we said amen he told me that he felt happy and he felt good and felt prepared. So we went outside to where everyone else was waiting for us. They asked him how he was and all he could say was prepared and ready. It was amazing. I love prayer and the comfort you can recieve from it. So we had an amazing baptism this week on my birthday which just made it the best birthday ever. After I baptized him he gave me the biggest hug it was amazing. We had been working with him for a little over 2 months till he felt prepared. So we grew close and I really felt like I baptized my best friend. Then after the Branch surprised me and him with a cake and soda and we just celebrated and just enjoyed the night of awesome.

So I sent pictures of a monkey and me ha ha awesome ya. Well the monkey was awesome and friendly until my comp pulled its chain and it got mad and attacked me like for real attacked me. If it wasn't on a chain I would be dead right now ha ha. You know how on videos when gorrillas attack. Ya that is what it seemed like... I just full on saw the rage of the monkey and it charged. I barely escaped.

So on the bus there are many people that play instruments and pretend they are blind. I would always say PRETEND they are blind even though it really seems like they are. But this past week the blind guy was playin the guitar and when he was done he walked through the bus askin for money and I gave him like 3 cords. And then we told me - gracias chele- which is proof he wasnt blind ha ha. I didn't say nothin just gave him 3cords and he says gracias chele. It made me laugh ha ha. Chele is a white person by the way.

So we are now in charge of a little branch up the road where a couple of members live. So we went to have sacrament meeting. 7 members came in. Total there was 11 and we just had a testimony meeting. 6 people shared their testimony and it lasted 2 hours. I feel like I heard the life story of 2 people. No joke I know their whole life. But I felt the spirit so strong during that testimony meeting.

I know that this church is true. Sometimes we go through times where we struggle with our testimonies but we should never doubt the truths we have always known. The truths we grew up with. The truths that we know are. I love this gospel. I know that this is the true church and that we really are Building up the Kingdom of God. I know with out doubt that we have a living prophet to guide us, teach us, and help us each day in our life. That the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That it really is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know with out doubt and with 100 percent surety that this is the Kingdom of God and the true church.

Love ya and miss ya all,

Love, Elder Moore

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