Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Ya I got to enjoy conference and I love it. It was so awesome. I'll be straight up honest with you. I was so stoked for conference. I felt as if I was about to watch the NBA Finals with the Lakers playing. That is really how I felt.

Conference was amazing. We had 5 investigators go to the Priesthood sessions with us. And for Conference we had 6 with one family. The talks were so perfect for each one of our investigators. But before I get into to that I have to tell you about the family that came. We had paid for a bus for all the members and investigators and well they were late and didn't make it to the bus so we had to leave cause the President of the Rama didn't want to stay. So we left with out them. Well they ended up taking a public bus so that they could come. I felt so horrible that we left them and so I was praying that they would come and they made it. But this family like every other family in Nicaragua is not a married family. They have only been together for 12 years and the wife doesn't want to get married. But thanks to Richard G Scott hopefully she changed her mind. He wrote the talk expecially for our family that we brought. At least that is how I feel.

Second, we had brought a dad and his son from the family I told you about a while ago Family Montoya. But they came and the dad has been angry with his children lately cause they lied to him and went to the river when they knew they weren't supposed to. And there was a perfect talk on that. On disciplining children. I am sure you heard it. But that talk was perfect and directed right to our other Investigador.

Third, Marlon wants to divorce his wife cause he has learned so much and the importance of families and living together. And he is trying to teach his wife but really she doesn't want anything to do with it. And she said she would go to conference with him and totally bailed out in the morning. And he doesn't know what to do. But then there was those talks on loving your wife and doing the little things. They were just all so perfect. So conference was amazing.

I loved it. I loved the talk about cutting down the bush from Elder Christofferson. That talk it was amazing. I really enjoyed it. He did such a good job. I love conference.

Sunday morning I had to watch the first session in Spanish cause we over filled the sacrament room and there was only one other tv so I had to watch it in Spanish. I understood it all but it just wasn't the same. I am so sad it's over and now I have to wait 6 months to listen to them again.

It's so wierd, I never would have said this before the mission to be honest but now it is totally different. I know that every single one of the Brothers and Sisters that talked to us at conference are called of God. And that each one of thier messages was an inspired message. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and leads and guides this church in these last days. I know it with out doubt.

That is so awesome about Jimmer Fredette I hope he does good in the NBA. And that is way sweet about the Lakers dominating the Jazz ha ha. Those lakers are going for a 3 peat.

That is so crazy Brandon is getting married in like 2 months. I have had a wedding gift for him that I bought in November that I still haven't sent. Hopefully he gets it before he actually gets married. It's still sitting in my suitcase. Well where are they going on their honeymoon?

That is so crazy all that stuff that went down at Alta. And all the police there. Well here in Nicaragua the police don't really exist. I'll be straight up - they don't exist. I'll tell you a bunch of stuff when I get back from the mission. I don't want to tell you now and frighten you but when i get back I'll have stories to tell you about when the police should have been involved or what they were doing.

Well my gangsta talk has gone away. I can hardly do it now. I tried the other day but it was total spanglish and I just ain't that fluent in gangsta talk no more.

Well it's time to tell you I have lost it all. I am not the least bit home sick anymore. It's all gone. It just all kinda faded away this week and I came to the conclusion I live here. I don't know what happened but it just all left.

Finaly I keep having dreams a revelation about something that I will share. I think God wants me to start my own business. So I think I will do it. It will be my own store. I am not going to go in depth about all the revelacion I have had. But it just keeps coming and I keep dreaming about it so maybe I will start my own little business store after the mission and become rich. What do you think? I got plenty of time to think and dream about it. I have had two dreams about this business and then a dream about dinosaurs eating eachother and I was a robot kinda wierd I know ha ha.

Well we have 3 baptisms scheduled for this week. A man named Juan and his son Bismar we are still working with the wife. And another elderly man named Luis. I dunno if this week he will get baptized but that is the goal. So hopefully we can git-r-done as larry the cable guy would say ha ha. And bring them closer to their Father in Heaven.

I am so thankful for the Church of Jesus Christ in my life and for this gospel. I know with out doubt that this is the true church and if we forever live the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will return to live with our Father in Heaven in a state of interminable felicidad. That we will have eternal life. We need to always ask ourselves, "Am I in the path that leads me to Eternal Happiness to My Father in Heaven to Eternal Life?" If not we need to do what is neccesary so that we put ourselves back on that path. I know that this church is true and I love it.

Love you all so much,
Love Elder AwesoMoore

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