Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 18, 2011

Ha ha well I just wrote a long novel so I had to take a break and go buy some popcorn and and soda. I kinda just put in my own intermediate session of rest ha ha. No just kidding. I wanted to send pictures first and that takes awhile.

Wow so Ginger is freaking getting married so fast. That is so crazy. So so so crazy. You are going to have 2 weddings in a month. I am happy for her. Hopefully this wedding turns out better than the last and I am sure it will. The most important thing in this life is family. Too many dumb husbands choose other things over their family. But I am happy for them. Talking about Ginger, she claimed she was going to send me a box for my birthday what I am pretty sure that box is still sitting in the garage and has not made it into the mail yet.

That is so awesome for Brooklyn that she finished her Personal Progress. She is an awesome person. I love her.

Thanks for giving me the update on everyone's girlfriends. And my girlfriend how is she doing? O wait ha ha I don't have one. Girls. I miss girls. O well I only have to wait 15 more months pretty much got 9 months down. Only 15 more to go.

I am excited for Amber and Brandon. That will be good for them both when she doesn't have to go back and forth to school. So how is Brandon doing with all his payments and his job? Is he still working at Wasatch? When is he going to start up his own business? Is it in progress? Hopefully he can get that business started up.

Man it's sad when I have to think in Spanish and translate it into English. That is what just happened and it was not so awesome. It kinda just made me frustrated anyways.

I am so stoked to see Brandon again. I was just talking about him today. And how I miss him and it will be almost a 4 year gap until I get to see him again. Things will have changed so much. But psh what ev they will be so much like they were. Only 15 months to go. 2 years 6 months down only 1 year 3 months to go.

So mother do you have plans of coming here when I finish the mission. I read that in the part from Sister Lloyd. And just wanted to know. Do you think you are going to come here to Nicaragua? So Jordan Lloyd is in Finland. Or going to Finland That is awesome. I would like the update on that.

So well Easter is like a full on week here. It is called the holy week. La semana Santa. And every one goes to the rivers or the ocean to bathe them self. It is like a tradicion it is crazy. So no one will be around for a week which will not be so awesome for us. Everyone is going to be drunk too. I already have to deal with so many drunk people.

Well I'll get to the kinda bad news. All our possibilities fell this week. It was way hard. They all want to get baptized still just the family we were going to baptize the wife decided she didn't want to get baptized and they can't get baptized if they aren't married. They still want to get baptized just she doesn't want to get married. And the other two Henry and Enrique wanted to wait longer. They went to church and are still loving it but some guy talked to Henry the dad and made up a bunch of stuff that wasn't true. He was an ex member of the church. So we had to clarify a bunch of stuff. But all is good it was a hard 2 days but it's all good now.

And I will have changes before Mother's Day. Changes are the 27 of this month and I am pretty sure I am out of here. I have 3 changes here and to be honest I want out. I have a lot of good friends here and there are a lot of awesome people but I need out to be honest.

But just want to let you know that I love you and all is well. The language is coming along very good and I cant want to talk to you on Mother's Day where we will talk for hours ha ha.

Love you so much.

Love Elder Mooreawesomethanfarr

P.S. Marlon wrote this to me and I wanted to share it with you. Have Brandon translate it or you can do it but it's awesome and I wanted to forward it to you.

Hola compa como estas me siento muy afortunado porque tu eres mi mejor amigo aqui en la tierra. Quiero compartir algo with my bets friend,cuando yo llegue ala iglesia no sabia absolutamente nada pero desde que ustedes llegaron a mi casa he aprendido muchas cosas que yo ignoraba acerca del evangelio restaurado de Jesucristo gracias a ustedes hoy se cual es la iglesia verdadera,y no pienso apartarme de ella,porque se que ahi e encontrado lo que habia estado buscando.Te doy las gracias a ti Justin moore,por considerarme tu amigo, aqui en Nicaragua nunca habia tenido un amigo tan sincero como tu,gracias le doy a mi Padre celestial primeramente,y despues a ti por haber llevado el evangelio verdadero de Jesucristo a mi hogar y yo se que mi familia me acompañara en este camino. Gracias Elder Moore por haberme enseñado muchas cosas que yo no sabia y espero me sigas enseñando.Te quiero mucho y espero que nunca me olvides porque yo nunca lo hare,y cuando Marlito cresca le hablare mucho deti para que siempre te recuerde,El siempre me pregunta por ti y dice a mi esposa que quiere andar como andas tu, de pantalon negro y camisa blanca y una corbata celeste el dice asi a su mama´¡Mama yo quiero andar como elder moore.Marlito tambien te quiere mucho,Bueno my best friend me despido de ti y espero me escribas y nunca te olvides de mi,FRIENDS FOREVER

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