Friday, April 15, 2011

April 11, 2011

Ok ok ok where do I even start? I'll start with the bad stuff. This past week I saw something horrible and couldn't do anything about it. As we went to the house where we eat dinner a lady and her kids came running in. The kids were crying and the mom was scared and the kid had a big bump on his head. Well come to find out the dad was drunk and beating them up and they were taking refuge in the house where we were eating. But for some reason the dumb mother decided to take her self and her kids back to the house and when she went the husband met them there and started punching her and the drunk guy started punching his mother too. It was horrible and the kids came back crying and scared. It was so sad. I just sat and talked to them but it was horrible. And I couldn't do anything about it. That is one bad story for this week.

Bad story number 2. I got violated ha ha. I was on the bus and some lady, she was like in her mid 20s, grabbed my hand and told me to kiss her and she was holding my hand tight and she wouldnt let go till i kissed her. Well I am stronger than every woman in the world except the women on steroids so I ripped my hand from her death grip and I thought I was good to go. Well no I wasn't. As I went to get off the bus she said she was going to get off behind me and when I was getting off she full on grabbed my butt. Like full on firmly and it was horrible. Hubiera sido differente si ella fuera hermosa pero ella era fea.

Story 3 in Jinotega a girl told me she wanted to marry me. Well now here in Sebaco a girl told me she wanted to marry me as well. I have two areas and in both areas there is a girl that wants to marry me.

Ok ok on to the mission awesome stuff. Well last week I kinda met this girl from Dario that was an investigador. I didn't really meet her just shook her hand. Well she saw the awesomeness glowing out of me like many do. A little bit more back ground info she was an investigador of the Hermanas in Dario other city. And well she told the Sister missionaries that she wanted me to baptize her. So this Saturday I went to Dario to help with the Baptize. In Dario there are 4 missionaries 2 elderes and 2 sisters. Well I guess everyone wanted me to baptize them. So I ended up baptizing all 5 of the investigadores in Dario it was so awesome.

As for us we are hoping to throw a bomb this week. With 6 baptisms 1 family and 4 priesthoods. We are going to marry Juan with his Wife Maritsa and hopefully baptize them both and their 20 year old son. Then Henry and Enrique are both way stoked for their baptism and then an elderly man named Luis. It will be legit it we cant git-r-done. I'll make sure to let you know how it goes at the end of this week.

I want to tell Sister Vassar I am sorry I was such a horrible student in her class when she taught us. So if you could somehow pass the message to her that I am sorry for the horrible little church child I was in her class.

So we had the most legendary Pday of Pdays. We had a battle royal with eggs and flour and sardines. We just had a huge war. There was 8 of us. I dominate at things like that. The sister missionaries started it but I totally won. I knew it was coming. I was prepared. It was way legit. I'll send you a bunch of pictures of the awesomeness from this week. We also did steak today it was such a bomb p day.

I love this mission life. It aint easy but it is so worth it and I love it. I know this church is true with out doubt. I love you all and tell Ginger I am so excited for her but at the same time sad cause we aint gonna party when we get back or go to walmart at 2 in the morning cause she will be a boring married woman again ha ha! Oh well at least she will be a happy borring married woman. I love ya all.

This is a picture of all the people from El Salvador ja ja. What is that white kid doin in there? Someone just barely sent this picture to me. silly little white kid this picture is for Salvadoranians. There is a lot of dust here the roads arent paved so I will shine my shoes and then go out side and with in 30 seconds they look like that. Every road is dirt.

Elder MooreawesomethanFarr

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