Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 25, 2011

So Easter here was freaking crazy. All the stores were closed for the whole weekend. There were a ton of Catholics strolling in the street like a parade. They were carrying a big statue of Jesus Christ, carrying the cross and they were carrying coffins. There was probably like 1000 just in this little place I am at that were parading. That was Friday and then Saturday, in the night, once again a big parade of people at like 8 o clock at night had a light of see through coffins with a dead mannaquin of Jesus Christ inside. There was just a ton of way sketchy weird stuff going on. But what was weird was like everything went back to normal Sunday the day of the resurrecion. Like the most important day.

So changes are this week. This change flew by but I want changes so bad no lie. I need out of Sebaco. I love the people here but I need out. I am pretty sure I will have changes to be honest.

So this week I spent a couple of days with the APs. My comp had to translate for a white doctor that came. So we went to Managua and to Leon. We were gone for 2 days but it was so legit. And I actually went in a normal car for once which was awesome. Just cruising with the APs. We ate at Mcdonalds and had rootbeer for the first time in 9 months. We did some pretty sweet awesome stuff.

Bought a shirt of Daniel Ortega the president here that hates on white people ha ha. Actually I didn't really buy it, I just said that I wanted one and then a family here where we eat dinner ended up buying me a shirt. I'll send you the picture of my shirt.

Unfortunately I can't remember what happened this week. It flew by but we did a lot of contacting and teaching. The work is good but could be better. I am going to make it better.

That is crazy Brooklyn is flying by herself. Everyone is growing up and everything is changing. And I am chilling in Nicaragua exactly where I want to be.

I had a 3 hour one on one talk with someone all in Spanish. I felt fluent. I didn't have to think about it we just talked. And it was awesome.

I am so stoked to talk to you on Mothers Day. So so stoked it will be legendary. I am coming up on 9 months. Time just flies it's insane. Well know I love you and miss you. Sorry this is kinda short. Love you so much and miss ya.

Love, Elder Mooreawesomethanfarr

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