Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 13, 2011

Alright I am going to put this in here before I forget. In the package you send will you send me a harmonica. A harmonica that has the little numbers on it. And ctr rings and maybe a bottle of IBuprofen.

So today I played basketball for the first time in 10 months. It was alright not much competetion cause I can still ball. Not as good but I can still ball. Ha ha.

This week we had stake conference here and a member from the Seventy came and spoke to us. Also the mission president. Presidente Arredondo and his wife. It was awesome. The people we baptized are so pilas. They went to the fireside we had on Saturday night and went on Sunday. They are super pilas. Yesterday we watched The Other Side of Heaven with them. That movie is super awesome.

Alright well now I'll get on to what happened this week with the changes. Tuesday they told us that we didn't have changes and it was super awesome we were both way stoked to stay in our area. Well Wednesday night came and they told us that we did have changes. But not really. They sent two sister missionaries to take over our area and we had to go reopen an area that they closed here in this zone. Not too long ago they closed it and now they want us to go reopen it. We still haven't gone to work there yet we will start tomorrow because we had to teach the Hermanas our whole area so they weren't completely lost like we were when we came. And how we are going to be tomorrow when we actually start working in our area. It will be crazy but what ev. I'll make sure to let you know all about my area next week when I know more. We are still going to stay in the same place. I hope our area is not to far I still dont even know where my area is yet. I have always had to do some sort of opening in everyone of my areas. Its rough but aint no thang. I'm a man about it

So I don't have much to share with you cause we haven't done a whole lot this past week. We have been with the Hermanas. But I have been in some mad pain. Pain I have never felt before and it's really bothersome. It goes off and on I ain't going to go into detail about it but if it continues till next Monday I will let you know.

I love you an thank you for everything. The pictures were super awesome. I am glad everyone liked there random gifts.

O a little complaint. This area is so hot. The water never works in the whole city. It is always gone and the power always goes out. It has rained a ton and all the dirt rock streets we have turn into rivers and I have to walk with water halfway up my calves. Super super super awesome ha ha not really complainin. But with us hardly having water and power it kinda bugs sometimes. But i am a man about it. ha ha Love you all so much.

I am going to tell you this today. We took a kid to the church to play soccer with us and he was like 10 and had never seen a flushing toilet or a urinal before. He was like in awe and touching the inside of the urinal ha ha it was kinda funny. We had to explain to him how it all worked. He was also playing marbles with little rocks.

Love Elder Moore$Farr$Orth= Super Tuanis or in your english language. Super Awesome.
I cant find the plus sign so I put money signs money signs which look better and cooler.

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