Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31, 2011

Tuanis mami entonces well feliz dia de las madres. It's mother's day here in Nicaragua so I congradulate you and felicitate you on this wonderful day of motherhood.

So that is awesome to hear that the wedding went through and that I officially have a new uncle. Sweet. But it is sad to here how it went down with all the weather. It is so crazy that everyone is getting married. It makes me happy but at the same time I am missin it all ha ha. But what ev.

It makes me sad to think about grandma crying and having a hard time. Sorry I can't be there to help. I like grandma she falls good with me.

So I love when you send awesome pictures of me and all the awesome stuff that is happening back in the states. You should try to make a habit of sending a couple pictures each time you write me. Man I was so skinny before. Now I am just fat, but I don't care I aint trying to impress anyone so its ok. But I will hit the gym when I get back cause I still got over a year left on my golds gym membership.

Anyways mother I am going to be famous and rich. Me and my comp keep receiving revelacion on what we should do with our lives. And we have set goals that we are going to reach. I am not going to go into detail but I am going to be a legendary traveler. Ja ja so awesome huh a legendary traveler. I want to explain in detail but I'll wait. But I am going to know the world.

This is the jungle we go through to go to our dinner appontments.

So now on to some other good news. This week we had 10 investigadors in church. 2 families. It was amazing and so awesome. All of them love going to church. They all live close together all on the same street. So yesterday we all got together and made brownies and watched the Joseph Smith story. The prophet of the restoration. It was awesome. They have a goal to get baptized this week. But the ward I am in is so awesome. So helpful and work so hard. It's awesome and all the investagadores feel so welcome and wanted.

I am totally enjoying the mission. It is great. Ya it's hard and have times of struggle and disappointment but overall I love it. I miss ya all and am sad so much is happening while I am in Nicaragua but whatev this is where I want to be and need to be. Joseph Smith is the man. Love him and know that he was a true prophet of God. That the True church was restored through him. And that hoy en dia we are members of Kingdom of God here on the earth. And it's amazing. You are part of the kingdom of God...feel special. Love ya and miss ya.

Love Elder Moore
or the new nickname I gave my self that people like to call me TUTUKA ja ja

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