Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 23, 2011

Ha ha what it be mama. Ya all is better. I feel sick tho. I got kinda sick this week and lost a lot of energy to do things but I am recovering but all is good. I ain't back to a hundred percent but I am better.

This week we took 9 investigators to church it was awesome. We woke up super early not super early but ya we woke up and went to their house and helped them make these little cake things, little cookies, for them to sale in the afternoon. So we got there at 6 in the morning and helped them till about 8 what usually takes them 6 hours we got done in like an hour and a half and it was amazing. We did it way fast and the investigatores got ready and we all went to church together. But it was awesome and it made for a good fun time. And U learned how to make something new. I think we will be doing it again this week so I'll take pictures and send them to you. But ya it got a lot better this week.

So this week we took 9 investigatores to church. We brought an elderly couple, we brought a lady and her 2 kids, and another lady and her daughter and 2 nieces. And they stayed for all three hours. And all the kids went to where they were supposed to like young mens, yound womens, primary what ever it was they went and it was awesome.

We also had two sweet activities this week. A cultural activity where people danced from each country in central america. And well I was the person with the microphone talking the whole time with Elder Sandoval. He is from Guatamala. We hosted it and it was awesome. We also had a mothers day activity this week. It was awesome as well. This week was full of excitement and awesomness. The mothers day activity to be honest I felt like I was in a concert. There was kids and they were just dancing and singing rap songs and it was so awesome. Here mothers day is the 30th. And we celebrated it this week cause everyone is going to the temple for a week. So we had to do it during the week when everyone was here.

Something that really helped this week was well another group of missionaries wanted to baptize a family that had never gone to church but didn't have permission from the bishop. And a lot of stuff went down I'll just keep that short. But the bishop sat all of us down the 4 of us. And talked to us about the importance of baptism. And that we aren't just here to throw people in the water. And that we need to look ahead. And not just in the moment. Because retention here is a big problem. People get baptized then just fall away from the church. It's a huge problem in all of Nicaragua. So he talked to us for a while about that. And it helped a ton cause I think I was down cause I feel like everyone has been baptizing a lot of people and me no. But I got to thinking all converts I have had go to church every week and they all know that this is the true church. And the importance of enduring to the end. While so many other recent converts deny being members or don't want to be part the church. I ain't here just to throw people in the water. I am here to convert the people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SO that helped a lot.

But anyways this week we moved to another house. It's a lot smaller but it's better and we have a couch. It's a piece but it's awesome we have a couch. And we have a shower ha ha I'll send pictures of our way awesome shower we have ha ha.

Sweet that is so awesome that Brooklyn got a truck. I bet that truck has some power. That is awesome now she just needs to throw a lift on it and some bigger rims ha ha. Well I think I received revelation this week. I dreamt that I should sell my jeep now and put all the money on a disc. What do you think?

Well I think that's all for now. And if you could send proactive in the next box that would be awesome. Whenever you send it. Doesn't need to be rushed. but ya.
Well love ya and miss ya to the max.

Love, Elder Moore

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