Monday, October 17, 2011

October 10, 2011

What up mother. How it be? So I'll start this letter off on a positive note. We baptized another family this week. As you can see by the pics that I sent ya. A family of 4. Me and Elder Denton found this family like 3 or 4 weeks ago. The mother of the family actually contacted us cause she wanted us to tie a tie for her cause her son was going to be in a parade. So we tied the tie then contacted her and well we have started teaching them and had a ton of spiritual experiences with them. It was awesome. And this Saturday they got married and baptized. And that is why I had to take money out of my account cause I am broke last week. We married a family and this week too ha ha But ya the familiy is awesome. I have now baptized 3 weeks in a row. I am feelin good. (Names of the family Juan Carlos Isabel Carlos y Stephanie)

Another thing the family that we baptized in August. Henry and Teresa. Well Henry got a calling yesterday. He is now the 1st counseler in the Young Mens. When I first got here the retencion for the recent converts sucked it was like 7 percent. But here we are in the second week of October and we already have a retencion of 61 so all the numbers are going up and I feel way good about it. We have had a good change.

This is a picture of the outside of our house. This is how we decorate it.

So I am kinda jealous that it is cooling down there. It is heating up here. It's so bloody hot ha ha. Summer is now starting. The only difference between winter and summer here is that during winter it rains a ton but it is still way hot. The rain makes it so much hotter too.

By the way I totally understand what you mean with that revelacion for certain people at certain times. I have many similar experiences. Sometimes I'll go back to read a scripture I loved the day before or the week before but when I read it it's not nearly the same as it was the week before even though it is the same scripture.

By the way bathtubs dont exist here. Only buckets of cold water. I can't wait to take a hot both or a hot shower again. It will be so amazing. I can't wait. I think about hot showers and baths daily. Ha ha every day I bathe with cold water. I am accustomed to it now. But still I would prefer hot water over cold water.

I forgot to tell you what I ate for lunch today. I ate iguana ha ha it tastes like chicken mixed with fish to be honest ha ha it was good. So make sure that Matt Lym knows that when I get back we are gonna cook up his iguana and eat it.

Well I love you a ton mommy. You are so awesome and I look up to you.

Love your son,
Elder Moore

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