Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

Well hello there loving mother. I love how the church is so organized. We also had the primary program this week. It was not nearly as great as the second wards. With all the great little children. Ha ha I remember Riley Sohm when he has a child he was such a clown to watch ha ha he still is. I love the program. }

So sounds like you had a pretty exciting week. But please tell me that you didn't go to the movies by your self. Please tell me you went with someone ha ha if not I'll be there shortly to go on dates with you. Cause well unfortunately I dont have anyone waiting for me so that means a lot of my time will de devoted to my beautiful mother. I miss ya.

So we had a way awesome activity this week as a ward. When we got here this ward was like a depressed ward so we decided to plan a ton of parties (oops I mean activities) to make them happy and excite them. So we had an awesome activity this past week. We had a spiritual message then we played games. We had a no hand chocolate covered doughnut eating contest it was so awesome everyone loved it. Then we played some other little games and really made everyone happy. So I know that it is helping cause this ward has had an attendance of like 85 for a long time. Well this last Sunday 129 people went to church ha ha it was awesome. But we got to keep working.

I am very happy of our ward. We have 8 ward missionaries that do a lot of work for us. The whole ward works so good together the only problem we have is getting the bishop more involved. We have planned a family home evening in his house tonight.

So I am lovin it here. My comp is awesome even tho he is dying right now.
So our plan was to animate the ward so that they were happy so that when we brought investigatores to church they could feel the love and unity. So we got the base ready now we just got to bring the investigatores.

Managua is so ghetto still there is nothing like walmart here. Ha ha the only store they have really is pricemart and its dope but we can't go because it's in the south mission. And well they only have one tall building here. Managua is still super ghetto still metal roofs everywhere. But there are some rich houses but still not that advanced.

Well mother love you a ton and miss ya. But I'll be home in no time. January 1st I'll be able to tell you "I come home this year." But I have to wait a little over 2 months to be able to say that ha ha. Miss ya love ya.

Elder Moore

p.s. that hand sign represents peace my friend ha ha just trying to spread the love around the world

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