Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012

I just barely got here. Just getting back from Managua. I had my last interview today. It was such a crazy great day, spent the day hitchiking with Webster, so legit ja ja.

Well today me and Webster hitchhiked with a police officer from Matagalpa to Managua. Hitch hiking is so awesome. It's so easy, so fun, so fast, and so free ha ha. We got to Managua and returned safely and on the way we contacted probably 15 people. It was a great experience. I feel like we helped many people to understand more about our beliefs and help them feel the spirit. It was great working and traveling with Webster today. Don't worry, I took pics and video so in like 8 days you can see it. Time is flying by so fast it is insane. Next week I will be with you.

I am happy to hear that you received the gifts that I sent you. I was wondering the whole week if you had gotten the gifts. That makes me happy. I hope you had an amazing birthday. You mean the world to me and I wanted to try and do something special for you even though I am thousands of miles away.

So one thing I can tell you is that one of my converts from San Ramon is now the first couseler in the Branch Presidency.

Another thing is that this week we went and hiked to a mine with a family that we are teaching and we went and ate lunch up there and it was awesome. The whole view. And hearing monkeys scream, or howl or whatever monkeys do. I hear monkeys all the time screaming. They ain't the little chimpanzees either. They are congos. They yell like gorillas ha ha. You can hear them from way far away.

Umm well to be exact on what is left, according to my countdown electronic thing that the office of the mission sent me, it says I have 9 days and 4 hours left.

But ya Wendy writes me a lot. She really is a great person. Are we going to be staying with her or at Brandon's when I come home?

Ryan's testimony was so funny on that letter he wrote. Ryan is awesome. I miss that kid a lot. I know he has grown a lot on his mission and I know he will continue to grow and be a strong leader in the church and help many.

Umm I am not sure exactly what I want to do with the traveling. I will see what rolls out, but I am sure I won't have a problem with going down to La Verkin during the week or with you on Sunday if I need to. I will just hith hike from Sandy to La Verkin. I am sure it is easy ha ha.

The people here are really nice and loving especially with us cause they all love God, just by words, not so much by accions. But they are always nice to the missionaries, well almost always.

Alright mommy, well next week I don't know what time I am going to be writing at because I will be going to visit my converts in Chinandega. But I'll see when I can write you.

So mother just want you to know that I love you and miss you a ton and will shortly be in your presence.

Another thing, I have a bunch of stuff to give to our bishop and stake president but it is for the bishop and stake president from La Verkin not Sandy. I also have a thing for you and I also have my certificate that I served honorable just so you know so you can be happy ha ha. And I also have a machete that I bought and a big knife and I am happy. Love you.

Elder Moore

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