Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Ha ha freak that was a long letter alright! To start off with all the beginning stuff, yes I will be home in one month from today ha ha. 31 days and no I am not ready at all. I don't want to leave. I wish I could kick it with ya all and see ya all but I dont know if I am ready to go home and leave all the great people I have met here. There are many frustrating things that happen in the mission. There are many things that I am not going to miss but the mission, I am going to miss a ton. The mission is my life. The elders are my best friends and it will be very hard not being with them when I bounce.

So talking about my luggage, yes I am going to leave a bunch of stuff behind. I already have that planned out, but I always want to buy a lot of souveniours and stuff a lot so we will see what we do with that. I am guessing I will just take like one shirt home and a pair of pants.

But thanks for hittin me up with my itinerary. I was wondering when I was going to get home. Yeah try to get me set apart the day I get home. I feel like that will be better. But instead of hittin up IHOP we can hit up Denny´s with the whole crew. Try to convince the stake presidency that we should do it the day I get home. That is what I want even though I want to be a missionary for life. I feel like it will be better that way.

So what are my lay overs like? Are they just like the ones I had when I came? I will do what I can do to call you up but we do have to remember that the day I fly home, I will be with you the same day so we don't need to talk too much on the phone. Just pacience even tho I know it will be really hard. I can already feel it. It's crazy.

I don't even know how I am going to get around places. I don't have a car so ya that is something I will have to figure out when I get back. And I always want to find a job kinda fast when I get back too. Any ideas about those two things? I aint saying I want to work right as I get home. Like a month off will be fine, but I do want to work. Working was a pain before but now I kinda like it. And I love lending service now. It is something that I have grown to love. Something that I learned here on the mission. Ya if you could talk to Skip it would be awesome to see if I could get a job, but I want to go to school and study business managemant and put my own business. I'll explain more about it when I get home. But to start off I want a job so I can keep putting money in my account. I don't want to see my money going down, I want to see it going up.

So make sure you hit me up with pics from the parade that Brooklyn is in especially in the ROCKCRAWLER. That will be legit ha ha. And I totally remembered that it was Brandon's 1 year anniversary. I watched his video on his anniversary. I still got it but it's kinda scratched up. I have seen it a ton. I can't wait to be back with all of you. I hope to see you all at the airport and if you want to invite Adam and Dano and them to the airport it's cool too. They be part of the family too right ha ha.

So let me tell you something that happened today before I forget. Today we saw a sign that said "free haircuts" and well I needed a haircut anyways so we went in and there was a girl practicing and had never cut hair before. I was her first client so well she cut my hair and it sucks so bad ha ha. There were 3 of us that went in and so the other 2 elders well I pretty much pulled them down with me and they got their haircuts too. And well the haircut is horrible, but it's so funny. Totally something I am going to write down in my journal. I have like a shaved head with long hair in the front ha ha it gave us a good laugh.

So today me and Cordova planned another activity. We planned a scavenger hunt. We had a list of 20 things and had an hour and half to find all the things on the list. So it was tight. I'll send you some of the pics that we took.

So now the visiting teachers are officially organized in our branch. We have progressed a ton. Um what else can I tell you? O well, I had the most sacrificial fast I have had in my life. I probably walked like 14 kilometro in this fast, climbing mountains and walking a ton. I thought I was going to give up and drink water but I kept pushing through and well we did take 2 familias to church this week. The most out of the zone but it was rough but a sacrifice is a sacrifice. Jesus fasted for 40 days and he was walking a whole lot so well me being a respresentative of him and carrying his name every where I go, why couldnt I do it too.

I am getting so many mixed feelings I dunno what to feel. It's rough coming down to the end of the mission. Only 3 more times in cyber after this week. I really don't know what to write. So many things running through my head. I am sure that this email is confusing.

Thanks mom for being so awesome. I always tell other missionaries that you are like my best friend and that we are way tight and we kick it. They all know that you are tight. We are like best friends. Ha ha i love kickin it with you mommy. Love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore

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