Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012

Well only 5 weeks more. It is crazy how time flies by so fast. It is insane. Like you said only 38 days left. Yes, I am in my last change in the mission and yes I am still in San Ramon. I did not get taken out. It is very hard to be in an area for 6 changes. I was here in the year 2011 and now we are halfway over 2012 and I am still in San Ramon. It's hard. I feel like I won't have much success on finding new people cause I feel like I have contacted everyone. It is just a tiny little town in the mountains. So more than anything we are focusing on organizing the branch really good. We now have the pieces to do it.

When I started here, I couldn't do it cause you can't organize a branch if there are only like 7 people or 12 people. But to let you know we had an attendance of 49 this week. Which is my record in San Ramon. I have got more from San Ramon to go to church but that is when we went to Matagalpa for the conference. But now we are working together as leaders.

This week we organized what is called Batallon Mormon. We had 4 companionships leave and invite people to church. I went with a member, my comp went with a member, and two groups of girls went out as well. And I could really see the blessings from the sacrifice we all made to wake up early and go contact. We also organized what is known as visiting teachers here in San Ramon. That was hard. We passed a lot of time organizing it on Sunday o sea yesterday. But now it is all good. We have 5 companionships that are going to be visiting 5 houses each. We still need to work on home teaching though. We are also giving callings as well. We now have an institute teacher.

So I am trying to organize the branch really good before I bounce out so that it keeps getting stronger and so that it keeps growing as well. But I really hope that I can baptize a family before I leave. It is hard but I literally feel like I have contacted everyone. But I know I haven't. I know I will be able to do it. And I am glad I was never in the big city either. I was always on the outskirts and I reopened my whole mission.

I have also been talking to president a lot about H, the guy that killed people. We have the whole story now and I literally feel like he is worthy to get baptized. I can just feel it. He is always in church and he doesn't know what to do because he feels like he can't progress in the church but he knows he can't go to another church cause they don't have the truth. So we have been fighting for him and helping him. So I talked to pres yesterday and he said before that we were going to wait the 6 months to send the letter to the first presidency but not anymore. Supposibly he did it yesterday. He told me he was going to. So hopefully we can get a response. I really do hope so. I want to baptize him and his wife before I leave. That would be a great blessing and it would be a miracle. But I really do know he has repented of his sins. In dyc 20:37 it talks about what a person needs to do to be baptized and I know he is completing with all of those requirements. He has confessed his sins and abandoned them as well like it talks about in DYC 58.

So talking about Lacey's wedding yea hook me up with a ticket. I want to go. It will be legit. I have been waiting to party at a wedding for so long. Tell Lacey to put some David Guetta on her cd mix for her reception ha ha. Just buy it from there from St George or Las Vegas from where ever you are flyin out from but wait hold up. When are you going to buy the tickets? Maybe you should wait. Maybe I will drive up with Ginger if she drives so hit me up with the deets on that if Ginger is going to drive or fly and who is going to go. When that is known that is when I will decide what to do. Maybe I can go with her.

So those pics made me trunky. My friends kickin it with my mommy. I know they are your friends as well but shortly I will be there with all you partying it up.

And don't worry your little heart mommy, I have had your bag slash purse for almost a year now but I'll see what else I can get you. But I got a question, can you gift me some money? I want to do some legit things before I bounce out of Nicaragua with some of my friends here. Also can you hit me up with how much money I got in my accoun cause I have been buying a lot of stuff lately trying to enjoy my last couple of weeks here. But the day before I go home I am pretty sure I am going to blow a lot of money buying stuff a bunch of souvenirs and everything. I have bought things but not a lot.

Well mommy only 38 days left a little over a month ha ha. I love you mommy to the max and miss you a ton. You bee the bees knees ya that's right, the dogs bone. I miss you a ton. And ha ha I am going to die in San Ramon. It's crazy but whatev.

Love, Elder Moore

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