Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11, 2012

Well what up mommy? Ya that is the countdown that the office sent me. The thing is that I am such an amazing missionary that they extended my time here. But 5 days please aint no thang. So that is awesome that you will be staying with Wendy this week. Sounds like you guys are going to have a legit tight awesome weekend kick it with all the throw back friends. And then having an all star go down next week to stay at your place, Ian, Court and Adam. That is awesome. I am jealous of all the greatness that you are participating of.

That is so crazy that Brandon is going to graduate so fast. I hope that I don't have to study for years to sack out a career. I ain't a big fan of studying. I feel like I have a lot of potencial to be famous but if it takes a lot of studying ja ja that ain't for me.

So give a shout out and a congrats to Uncle Clark and Aunt Jill. That is awesome that they have been together for so long putting a good ejemplo for everyone else to follow. So that is awesome and I am proud of them.

Also it is very true that a lot of people's birthdays are coming up. I see it on my calender every day pretty much. Brooklyn's birthday and Uncle Jon's. Tell them Feliz cumpleaƱos y q ya queremos pastel ya queremos pastel aunque sea un pedacito ya queremos pastel. Lori as well freak a lot of parties are going to be planned. You are all party animals. I hope that you all cumplirlo feliz.

Well in my area after week 4 my comp all the sudden turned super bipolar. We can't even study now cause it just makes him mad and I can't handle it. I feel like now that I am almost leaving I am getting more stressed and more angry with things like this. But the good thing is that this week I am going to be in Jinotega with Elder Sarceno. We are going to go teach 2 families that want me to baptize them. We are going to see if we can do it this week. They are families that I knew when I first started in Jinotega a long time ago. So this week I am not even going to be in my area which I am happy for that. It is so hard to be there for such a long time. I would love to be there as a normal citizen but as a missionary for 7 months it is hard. I am trying to get a lot organized before I bounce. The branch has not grown in number but it has got so much stronger. Everyone now stays for the 3 hours instead of just one hour.

I talked to Ismael this week, my convert that worked with me. He is so pilas. iIlove him. I feel like he is the most pilas missionary in Chinandega. It's awesome cause he is visiting all my converts in Chinandega. Xiomarra, Janneath, Hector, Darian y Nestor completed one year of being members this week on June 5th. They are now planning on going to the temple. They are still way pilas in the church way super active with callings. They make me so happy. I am so glad to know that pretty much all my converts are progressing. Ismael is preparing to go to the temple and is going to send his mission papers in. I am so excited for you to meet my converts mommy. I am going to miss so many people here its not easy to leave. Some members told me that the first familia I baptized got their patriarchial. blessing.

(Here is a letter Elder Moore received this week from one of his converts and best friends Marlon. In essence, Marlon is going to name his son "Justin" after the great missionary who brought the gospel to him.)

Amigo quiero contarte que ya he terminado de hacer mi casa en el barrio xihualtcoalt espero que todavia te acuerdes de ese barrio,entonces el 01/07/2012.estare en mi nueva casa y para mi familia es una gran alegria porque nunca habiamos tenido una casa propia entonces ya no vamos a vivir en frente del presidente,quiero confesarte qque para mi es un gran testimonio porque se en el fondo de mi corazon seque es obra de mi padre celestial porque el nos da las bendiciones que nesecitamos dia a dia para salir adelante y por eso le doy gracias a mi padre celestial por haberme mostrado el verdadero evangelio y a ti por haberme tenido pasrencia para bautizarme gracias mi gran amigo te doy mi palabra de que nunca te olvidare y tampoco mi familia Marlito te quiere mucho. Elder moore mi gran deseo es que tu conosieras mi humilde casa es sencilla pero en ella encontraras mucho AMOR le hacen falta muchas cosas tu sabes que ru best friend es pobre pero se que con el tiempo la ire mejorando pensando en que tu volveras un dia y yo te estare esperando.te dire algo y no te rias no es una broma al proximo hijo que tenga mi esposa le llamaremos JUSTIN como su primer nombre en honor a un buen amigo que eres tu te amo amigo cuidate mucho.

Thank you mommy for being so awesome. I am going to hit you up with some pictures from the baptisms that we had not to long ago that I promised to send you. I finally got a lot of pictures passed over to me.

So I love you mommy and wow the weeks pass by so fast. We were talking via skype over a month ago. That is so insane, I feel like it was just last week but it was over a month ago. But time is flying, just under 2 months mommy.

Love you so much and miss you a ton.
Love, Elder Moore
Sos La Ley

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