Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 28, 2012

What up mommy? As time rolls down to be honest I lose the ganas to write. I feel like shortly I will be in your presence and writing takes a lot of time ha ha. But I do make the sacrifice each week so that I can write the best mother in the world and let her know how I am doing. Many people still write me, not always do I respond to all of them but I try. This week alone I received 21. In total on my mission I have received 1800. That's a ton if you ask me.

Anyways I'll let you know what went down this week. So we wanted to plan a way sweet activity for mothers day as a zone but have the whole district involved. So we planned it and got it all ready for the activity. We wanted to focus on investigadores and recent converts. Here in Nicaragua the 30 is mothers day but we had the activity on Saturday. We took 5 familias inv and in total 17 recent converts and we threw fire. But to top it off before the activity we had a baptism. Now let me tell you what went down. It was a super stressful day trying to get everything organized, get the family to the church on time so that they could get married and baptized, get a bus so that all the members could go get all the members to be on time so that the bus didn't leave them. It was very stress full but everything finished with good. So with our baptism and marriage, me and my comp had to do divisions. He went off with the zl and I went off with the dl. I didn't make it in time for the marriage, but I did for the baptism. It was crazy cause they wanted to start the activity at 5 but the audio didnt work so they sent every one into the baptism as kinda we need some sort of distraction or delay to get the audio fixed. So in our baptism we had like 130 people ha ha it was crazy. It was freakin Jarron Azul and medio. I will explain what jarron azul is when I get back. And we didn't really have time to do an agenda either, so the zl directed, I prayed, like 5 elderes including me we sang and then after I had to give the message and the testimony. It just got so crazy with the activity that we planned but it all went good. So I did baptize a family with my kid and it was a good experience for him. He is going to need a lot of practice with his baptizing skills tho cause he totally slammed the sister that got baptized. It was funny but all good. I hope you understand this email. I know that my English sucks now and I have no idea how to explain things but what you need to know is that we baptized a family this week and there was like 130 people there.

Yesterday in church we had a pretty good attendance. We had 41 people and yes the sister missionary did come back. She actually came back engaged ha ha but she is way tight and way pilas. She is going to help us out a ton in the branch. The branch is getting stronger. Usually everyone leaves after sacrament meeting but this week pretty much everyone stayed for the 3 hours. But ya so now I have 5 months straight of baptizing a family. That is what the pres wants is that we can baptiz a family every month and so far I am completing with that. Just 2 more months to go. Finishing strong.

How is Mitt Romney doing? I have had that question for a while. Is he going to win? I hope that Romney wins. Ya isn't it a revelation that the constitution will hang by a thread and then the priesthood will save it? I hope that he wins. I feel like he is going to win. I know that he will turn the states around if he wins, he will depend on the Lord's help, revelation and he will constantly talk to the prophet. It would be tight.

Don't worry your little soul mommy, I am the best wing man known to man. I will totally hook you up when I get back. With what ever guy you want ha ha. I got your back ha ha. And don't worry, I got Brooklyns back too. I'll be there in no time to help out both of you. I promise I'll be there for Brooklyn to take care of her and make her feel special. Cause I ain't gonna get married too fast so I won't have to worry about mantenering a chick ha ha. So now we are down to 10 weeks time flies.

Love you mommy thanks for everything SOS LA LEY ha ha pura vida mae.
Love, Elder Moore

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