Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21, 2012

What up mommy? So time is slowing, winding down.

So ya just to let you know I didn't go to school for the last week. I totally agree with you why do kids have to go to school when there are no desks and no chairs ha ha. I agreed with you years ago and that is exactly why I didn't go ha ha. I am glad we are on the same page. I remember one time in 9th grade I didn't go to school and you were working and I went to the house in Sandy with a bunch of friends and one of my friends left a box of chocolate in the house and you found it and that is how you knew I didn't go to school ha ha.

So it definitely sounds like you 2 had a way busy week but not only that, it sounds like Brooklyn is going to have a way packed schedule. She is so awesome. I wish her luck in all her leadership positions. I know that she will be able to handle it all.

So how was the solar eclipse? Is it what everyone hoped it to be? And yes I do remember Colleen Down kinda. I definitely remember the family but the faces, no I can't remember exactly what they look like. But the names yes.

So today was a very boring pday. We haven't done anything. It was lame. But well last night there was a huge rain storm and well where we were last night the house flooded so we had to fill up buckets and buckets of water and take it out and throw it in the street. We got soaked and dirty. It was way tight. We kinda had a water fight during it. The bad news is that I am in Matagalpa and didn't bring extra church clothes so I am screwed for tomorrow ha ha. I will be putting on the dirty wet clothes i have, but it was fun and enjoyable lending service. Tomorrow here in Matagalpa we have the zone meeting so I'll be back in my area to change around 1 o clock.

So now in my area I have way too long of being there and I feel like I have contacted every house cause it is just a small little village in the mountains. So we have started to contact way up in the mountains. We have walked a ton this week and we have gone to the middle of no man's lands to find houses. When you come I'll show you where the houses are. But we have found some families to teach. It is just really hard to be in one area for 5 changes not only that, a tiny area, and to top it off I am training so that makes it a little harder on me too. But my child is so tight. He is awesome.

So now in my area we have leveled out at having an attendance of 35 which is a big improvement. If we look at what it was before. But I am sure that number will go up in these weeks cause the very first missionary to ever leave from San Ramon is coming back this week. It is a sister that is in Peru. So she will help us throw fire. I hope she comes back pilas so that she can help us a ton. I am sure she will, so I am excited for that. It's funny cause there are some members that tell me that I should marry her ha ha. I guess we will see if she is worthy this week when she comes back ha ha. I haven't even met her yet and various members have asked me "Would you marry her?" Nice questions right for someone I haven't met before, but next week I'll hit you up with the deets. And no, I would not consider living out side of the states. Maybe having another house in another country like a vacation house but living outside of the states ya right ha ha.

Well I miss you a ton. Ya Spanish is awesome. I want to jump in to Spanish classes after the mission to keep learning Spanish.

So when you come to the airport, will you bring me a pretzel from Pretzeltime and a Dr. Pepper? A good gift for me for when I get back would be someone to give me a real legit massage ha ha. You should think about that. I just wanted to make sure that Ginger's family was going to be at the airport and you guys. It will be awesome seeing Wendy at the airport too, I know she will be there stalking me ha ha. The important people are the people I care about. I just want those people to show up .

Solo quisiera compartir mi testimonio con vos. Yo se q esta es la iglesia verdadera. se q Dios es un Dios de milagros y siempre lo sera. Gracias a la mision ahora tengo un testimonio. La mision es la experiencia mas bonita mas maravillosa para un santo de los ultimos dias. Se q nosotros pertenecemos al reino de Dios sobre la faz de la tierra. Es nuestro deber siempre representar la verdad y tambien a nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. El nos dio su nombre cuando nos bautizamos. Nosotros literalmente tomamos sobre nosotros el nombre de Jesucristo. Siempre en todo momento todo lugar en todas las cosas nosotros debemos representarle. Amo este evangelio. Yo tengo un testimonio inquebrantable ahora. Gracias mama Te Amo y Te extra├▒o.

La Mision es la LEY ja ja

(Translation: Just wanted to share my testimony with you. I know this is the true church, God is a God of miracles and always will be. Thanks to the mission now I have a testimony. The mission is the most beautiful experience more wonderful for a saint of the last few days. We belong to the kingdom of God on the face of the earth. It is our duty to always represent the truth and also to our Savior Jesus Christ. He gave us his name when we are baptized. We literally take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. Always at any time any place in all things, we must represent him. I love this gospel. I have an unwavering testimony now. Thank you mama. I Love You and I miss you. The Mission is the law ja ja .)

Love, Elder Moore

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