Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 14, 2012

Well the good news is that my release date is August 2nd so don't worry. The thing is that there are a ton a missionaries going home early to get ready for school and they are going home on August 9th, but not me so don't worry your little soul mother. Aug 2 I will be there.

So forgot tell you that this week an old friend from Jinotega that was less active and was living there while I was there came and found me in San Ramon. It was awesome. He was looking all around for me but it was crazy cause he found a member and asked where we would be and they knew where we ate. So he showed up at our food appointment and found us there and it was such a great surprise to see him. I passed 18 months without seeing him and always asked myself how he was and what he was doing. And well now I have his number and he wrote me an email so now you can get to meet him when you come.

So I am going to hook you up with some tight pictures. I hope you like them. Love you a ton mommy miss you and can't wait to see your cute little face.

Love, Elder Moore

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