Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 7, 2012

Buen dia mama. So I just got back from the sickest adventurous pday. It was awesome. That is why I am writing a little late. I will have to send you pictures. We went to a waterfall and it was so beautiful. It was like a 200 foot waterfall. The hike up was so beautiful. We took a lot of pictures, I will try to send them to you. I am waiting for them to get passed to me cause I didn't take my camera. It was like that waterfall of Dragonfly with Kevin Costner.

So today we woke up a little early not to early. We woke up at 6 and traveled to La Dalia which is almost 2 hours away in bus then rented a truck to take us to the path that would take us to the waterfall. It was like a 40 minute ride so we spent a lot of time traveling today in total like 5 and half hours. In the jungle I climbed up vines. I climbed really high. The tour guide he had told me that I put the new record. It was just a vine hanging down from a tree and I just climbed up it with my super human strength. But it was so beautiful all of it. You will love the pics. I will take you there when you come down. It's quite the hike but you can totally do it. On the way back we were in the bed of a truck and it started pouring rain so hard so we covered ourselves with a tarp. It was a way legit pday. I enjoyed it a ton.

So my buddy from Chinandega, my convert that was with me, came and he is here with me. He went with us today. He is so tight and works so hard he is an amazing convert. He is ward mission leader in 3 wards and works a ton. He has learned a lot. He already has his mission papers in and supposibly he is going to the temple in May. Even though he is not going to complete 1 year until 5 months. He is not going to leave for the mission till probably December cause that is when he put his availability date but ya he works a ton and I am so proud of him.

So next week we will be talkin so I won't write too much cause I want to save up a bunch of stuff to tell you about. So this email will be kinda short. But yes shortly we will talk in less than a week. I am so excited to talk to all of you but who knows where I'll be when the time comes, if I will still be here or in some other crazy place. I am so so so excited. Just have under 3 months left time is flying. I will be home before you know it. And tell Brooklyn not to worry our relationship will be a lot different, a lot better and I will happily escort her with out doubt. I will drop what ever is in the way to escort her. Do you know mas o menos when it will be? Right as I get back I will hit up the gym to be pumped. Like i am pumped but it's not really noticable now ha ha after being here for 2 years almost. So I am going to get formed in the gym so all of Brooklyn's friends fall in love with me ha ha. So right now there is this girl just staring at me and smiling and laughing it makes me feel weird. She totally wants me ha ha.

I can't wait for you to come here and meet all of the awesome people that I have met. But you need to practice your Nicaraguan Spanish. You just need to practice no sea caballo......... saka saka...... y buen dia ja ja. Just practice those phrases in Spanish and you'll get a long just fine down here. Ha ha caballo means horse ha ha.

Well I am excited for changes this week. Only 12 more weeks ha ha 12 weeks ain't nothing. I have already been here for 92 whats 12 more? I will be there so fast. I miss you all a ton. Hope you are living life to the max like I am. I am loving it here although my comp at this moment in time blows. I love it here. It will be hard to leave but you will love it mommy when you come. Well that is all I got for ya.

I know the church is true. I don't have a doubt about that. And I know that Christ lives and that he died for our sins and that we are now part of his restored church. We are the truth and we must let the world know that. I love you mommy, thank you for everything, see you on Sunday. Love you mommy to the max.

Love, Elder Moore

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