Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 4, 2012

So just under two months it is crazy how time flies by. Today was a super awesome day. The zone was having a hard time being happy and willing to work so as I was sitting in my bed this week I thought a lot about what I could do to help the zone be animated so that they would work like bros, so we could have success together. So I spent a lot of time reflexioning, pondering, and thinking in the greatness of my ability to think and plan parties of great. As I listened to inspired songs I began to receive revelation after revelation. Until we planned one of the greatest activities known to the mision. I got together with another elder, Elder Cordova and shared my ideas and together we put the ideas together and painted a masterpiece.

We planned a couple of activities, the relay race with the spoon and the egg, we had a doughnut eating contest the doughnuts were hanging on a string and we had to eat them with out using our hands. We also had a baby bottle relay the sisters prepared the bottles and the elders had to drink from them ha ha. We split up into 4 awesome groups. We also had a piƱata in the form of a horse ha ha. NO SEA CABALLO ja ja.

Also it was another missioneries birthday so here as tradicion they smash eggs on the person who is completing years, so we had some way sweet distraction. Well I am just the king of everything right? So what we planned is that when the person who was completing years was blind folded everyone grabbed an egg, and by everyone I mean like 20 people ha ha, and then we smashed it on his head and threw flour on him. Totally destroyed him and then right after that the mariachis came in it was a way tight activity.

I know this might not make since I am just so stoked. I hope the pics make a little bit more sense. I am still waiting for a couple other fotos I am hoping to get them tonight but if not tomorrow and I will send them to you so you can see them.

Then after we baked brownies and had a toast as a zone it was la ley. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed them self but it was not the cheapest activity but it was so worth it. I will show you all the videos when i get home. I will be there shortly so you can see them, just have to wait like 9 weeks only 58 days. I am almost there.

So to continue a little, this week was great in church. I can totally see the branch changing. We have given new callings and I have seen a big change this change. Before like everyone left after the sacrament meeting but not now. We started church with 39 this week and ended with like 35 before it was like when we ended church there was only like 10 of us but now everyone is staying it's great. Testimony meeting was great. I love sharing my testimony and I always love watching my converts share their testimony and use their priesthood. Many people shared their testimony yesterday it was great. Not only that but we had 6 investigadores in church. 2 families. It was awesome. That was the goal of the zone, 2 families in each area and we totally cumplired it.

The mission is tight. I am going to miss it a ton the mission es la ley ja ja.

Listen, I love Brooklyn and yeah just got to let her know that she don't have competition with me and that we are going to kick it all the time. And keep it real. I will be spending a lot of time down in St Geezy.

Freak it is so crazy how fast time flies it is insane. I am almost there. I miss ya a ton and I am excited to see ya but at the same time it's going to be hard to bounce out of this beautiful country. But shortly I will come back with you. And you will experience for yourself how awesome this country is and how great the people are. But you need to study a little bit of Spanish mommy ha ha. I love you to the max mommy Te AMo te Kiero.

Elder Moore LT

unas fotos super salvajadas del pday mas legendario ja ja La Mision es la ley mae Super Bacanal de Animo - Bacanal Planeado por El Rey De La Rumba LT Pura vida Q VIVA La Tuanisidad

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