Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 18, 2012

What up mommy? So this week was legit. Yes I did go to Jinotega for a couple days to visit and work with Sarceno it was legit. I'll send you some pics. But it was a nice enjoyable break though it was not much of a break cause we worked. But I needed to get away from my little village ja ja San Ramon. Sarceno es la ley super tuanis. So I was there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then after we went down to Managua where we had a conference with Elder Maynes from the Presidencia of the 70. It was a great conference. So I was not in my area for almost a whole week. We got back Saturday in the afternoon. Then Sunday was my last Sunday in my branch I think, but who knows. This week we have changes on the 20th, this Wednesday, but I need out. I love San Ramon and that is why I want out. It is cause at this moment I feel like I am ready to hand it over and that there is some else that can help the branch a little bit more than me. But I felt like I had success there. Also we have been preparing people to be leaders in San Ramon. Next month we will be receiving a new Branch President and that will help a ton. We have had a lot of problems with a branch president. I really felt like I was working with a lot of people that did not have a clue what they were doing. Even though you explained to them what you wanted them to do and everything and how to do it they just wouldn't do it. Even though they understood. I just hate the irresponsibility of the people. The church would grow here so much faster if the people were responsible. The country would be a better country if they were responsible. But I feel like it is just their culture to be irresponsible some times.

So I got some news my last comp Elder Martinez got sent home this week. He had 18 months in the mission but he didn't want to be here any ways but ya he got sent home.

So ya that's right, only 6 more weeks left and I will be in your presence. That is so awesome that Brandon graduated. Tell him congrats for me. Freak I don't know what to write. That is great that you had a good time in Sandy up north. I know that Sandy might not be home for you but I feel like it is for me, but who knows. I guess we will see when I get back how I feel being back in the presence of the 801. I will be kickin it with my friends from up there anyways and my friends from down south that I now have.

Well I am sure the pics will be more interesting than my words. I will send you some pics but I have started to use my camera again after a long time. All the pics I had before, I just got them passed to my memory but the last time I used my camera was like 8 months ago. I started using it a ton now so I will have a lot of pics to show you when I get home. New pics. I'll send the pics that the people send me but the videos and the the pics I will take from now on from my camera you will have to wait and see when I get back.

This week it was so insane with the rain or should I say yesterday we got wrecked in the rain. It was legit. I got videos of it to show you. I hope you like. Mommy I love you a ton and just to let you know this week I challenged my own reflexion to a staring contest and on the 4th day I won. And Ialso did something extraordinario this week. I made orange juice out of apples. One more thing I can speak Spanish in Russian. I love you mommy to the max and miss you a ton but shortly I will be there with you. I hope all goes well for you. Love you mommy. I'll be back shortly and yes it has been proven that I am the best wing man known to man. so I got your back.

Love ya all the way to Mcdonalds and back a million times.

Love, Elder Moore

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