Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 23, 2012

Wow so much has happened this week a lot of good and a ton of bad ha ha. I will start off with what has me most excited at this moment in time. I got my trunky paper, or in others, they are buying my plane ticket home ha ha ha. I have to fill out all of the information so that they know where I am going, who is my bishop and stake president, and all that good news. So ya in the letter with the trunky papers it says I now have the right to be trunky.

Something else great that happened this week. On Tuesday the family did get married and did get baptized. It was such an amazing experience. It was awesome and I love it. We did it right before zone meeting so all the missionaries from the zone were there. Celio is probably the biggest guy I have baptized. He was probably almost 300 pounds but I baptized him my first try cause you know I am pro and all.

So let me explain a little about what happened this week. My comp is ridiculous. So on Wednesday we went and ate lunch at 12:30, at about 1:30 I told him alright bro lets bounce lets go work and he didnt pay any attention to me. I told him like 10 times and after like 40 minutes of waiting I told him, ite if you don't want to work I'm leavin and I left. I went and worked by my self for like 3 hours and went and did like 5 appointments. The thing is if I don't work, I get frustrated and stressed. I love to work. He was too busy playin on the computer some little mario game. And didn't want to do anything. So that same night, Wednesday night, he lost his camara. I look at it as total punishment from God cause he doesn't want to do anything.

So Thursday comes around and well he is super depressed cause he lost his camara. And well this time he left me and went to our food appointment, laid on the couch, and pretty much started crying and wouldn't talk to anyone and didn't want to do anything. So Thursday in the morning we had an appointment in Matagalpa - obviously we didn't cause so the ZLs come up after and tried talkin to him and nothing. Also the APs and nothing. He sat in the corner like Dawson when he was a child ha ha with his nose in the corner and plugging his ears. The kid is a total girl he is like a child of 4 years. It's ridiculous so after like 4 hours I kid you not of sitting in a house with this baby we left and went out to work. Kinda every house we went to he didn't want to enter, he just sat out on the curb. I felt so bad for our investigatores cause they would invite him in and he would just ignore them. So as usual I taught them alone.

The very next day Friday we got a call at 7 in the morning President wanted to talk to my comp. So we hurry and got ready and took the bus to Managua where my comp had an interview with pres. I think they should just send him home anyways cause he doesn't want to be here. He is all depressed cause his girlfriend broke up with him. He told me that his relationship with his girlfriend is more important than the Lord's work. Alright let me go on. So Sunday comes along and our family goes to church and well I announced that they were going to get confirmed cause well my Branch pres bounced and said he doesn't want anything to do with the church, so I am in charge now. So I announced it the family passed in front and my comp bounced went and hid in the bathroom. So ridiculous. I had to go look for him. I found him and asked him if he was going to help me with the confirmation he told me no and so I went and confirmed the both of them by my self. AFter the confirmation my comp went and locked himself in the office where he was till church ended. So ridiculous, he is a little child. I dont know what to do with him.

So a lot happened this week. Today we went and played volleyball as a zone and went out to eat in a way good Italian restaurant. We bought pizza for the whole zone cause it is Elder Hancock's birthday. But I am fried my face. It hurts so bad it is so fried.

My comp right now is just sittin around. He doesn't have money so he ain't writing anybody. And he is in church clothes still cause he didn't bring pday clothes. Yesterday we came down from San Ramon and I told him to bring clothes cause we weren't going to go back to our area. He didn't believe me and now he is suffering in his church clothes on a pday ha ha.

If I could tell you everything that has happened freak this letter would be so much longer. But I'll just keep it to the brief of it.

So mother I dont know what to do here. I dont know if I want to work real hard or not cause I know if I get taken out and he stays all my work is going to go down the drain. And well I can't do much right now anyways cause of my comp. I can see all my success slowly go down. And I know if I get taken out it is just gonna go all the way down.

Other good note my convert that was baptized in Febuary, Jose Felix, recieved the Aaronic priesthood this week. I love seeing my converts progress in the gospel.

Well mother I love you a ton and miss ya a ton. Thank you for everything. I hope you enjoy this email. Keep it real and keep it fresh ha ha love you.

Love, Elder Moore

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