Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Well, like always, I loved conference. Conference is amazing. We always learn so much and we learn how to make our lives better so that we are always happy.

So we reached our goal of people that went to church this week. Something that San Ramon has not seen in a while. We had 50 people go to the conference with us. Alright so if we remember, back in December, my first Sunday, there was like 15 of us and then the second Sunday only 4. So we are definitely making progress. We made enough progress that the district president invited me to share my experience and what I have done in San Ramon to help the branch grow. So I shared my testimony and a message with all the leaders that showed up to the leadership counsel. It was great. I really have learned a lot here in the mission.

But other than that we took 9 investigadores to church. It was awesome cause after the priesthood session we had to hitch hike back to San Ramon and while hitch hiking back a guy jumped in the back of a truck with us when it stopped. We contacted him and invited him to the conference. And well on Sunday he showed up early. He was there at 9:30 and said he loved conference and wanted us to pass by his house and teach him and his family. So this week we are going to pass by. I love conference you can always put your money on the prophet and the apostles. Another awesome experience we had was we were inviting people to the conference and we mentioned prophets and apostles in today's world and a guy behind us overheard us and stopped us and wanted to talk to us. Then we went to their house and shared the message about the restoration and well they went to conference and loved it as well. I love conference time. This October we totally need to go to the conference center. There are so many great things that I want to tell you but I feel like this letter would be extremely long.

So one of the talks I loved a lot that really impacted me was, "What do I think of Christ and what does Christ think of me?" Those two questions touched me. They really did. I have thought about those questions a lot. Those two questions can change our life for the better. There were so many great wonderful talks. I also loved President Uchtdorf's talk as well and Neil A. Anderson's talk. Wow conference is amazing.

Next problem, to be honest, I am not trunky what so ever, but I want to be in my house after working with 3 members straight I got killed. The mission is so unorganized here. If you were only here to see it after being with 3 members straight I finally got another missionary. I just feel like I am getting punished or something just getting all the crampy comps thrown on me. For once I would like a good comp that can help me to be better. I feel like I am trying to get better alone and don't have the help from my companions. My new companion has had a lot of problems on the mission. I was hoping that they would give me someone that would help me but instead I got someone that has a ton of problems that are not easy to fix. I would love to share all the things he has told me about himself but you would get grossed out. I am trying to tame him but his mind is set and it's not easy to change. He was born in Texas but both his parents are Mexican. He is Mexican. And to be honest I just kinda wanna be in my house not having to deal with all the bull that is in this mission. I'll make sure to tell you how it is but I am just tired of a lot of stuff but only 4 more months. I can hold out.

So today for Pday I got thrown back to the days of Chuck E. Cheese. We made pizza ha ha. It was some awesome good food we made. We also made kettle corn and drank soda and watched Lion King as a zone.

So the thing is I am still in San Ramon and did not have changes which means I will be here till the 9th of Mayo unless I have emergency changes. But who knows.

Remember when I told you last week about the duck we killed and ate for dinner. Here are some pictures. Also, I always cut firewood too. I love cutting firewood with an ax and a machete. I have learned a ton here I really have.

Next I dunno if I told you last week but the chicharra that I was talking about peed in my eyes and my eyes have been red every since ha ha. Everyone asks me what happened and I bet you can guess what everyone assumes happens. Think about it. Blood shot eyes. If not ask Ginger she will know ha ha. But ya I got some red eyes right now.

Other thing, we almost got in some crazy accident today. If the accident had occurred me and my comp would have been badly injured. We would have got nailed on the street. But I know the accident didn't happen because we as missionaries are protected. It was literally insane.

Mother I want you to know that I love you and miss you a ton. I want you to know that I have a testimony and that I know that this is the true church and that this is His Kingdom. And that we are part of the truth. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet called of God. This is True. I know it and don't have a single doubt about it.

Well mama, I love you and miss you a ton. Imma bounce so keep it real. I love you very much.

Adios. I love you mommy.

Love, Elder Moore

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