Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 26, 2012

Well let me start off about something new I tried this week. I tried a meat that was so deliciously good. On Saturday I killed and cooked a duck. It was so good. I love duck meat. I am pretty sure that after the mission I will go to Victor's Pond, catch me a duck, pluck it and cook it. I will send you a bunch of pics ha ha. And after the mission I'll show you the videos.

Other than that, I am stoked cause this week we have changes. I know that my comp is gone. I dunno what is going to happen with me tho. And well hopefully they don't give me another member. Talking about that, Ismael is here with me right now. He came to visit me and visit his converts in San Ramon. A lot happened this week but for some reason right now I can't think of anything except for the duck.

In church we had 40 people so that was an improvement. That is about the average now. When I came it was like 10 to 15 but now it is like 40.

Elder Faught is totally bouncing out. That is awesome. He is going to be back with his family. I am pretty sure I am going to stay here for another change and then die where they send me to.

I had many spiritual experiences this week in lessons. I love feeling the spirit. It helps me remember how true this church is. I believe at one point or another everyone has second thoughts or doubts but we should not ponder on that. We need to stick to our faith. That is what has helped me a ton. Just telling my self that I have faith and remembering the spiritual experiences that I have had have helped me a ton with enduring to the end and helping me all seguir adelante in my life and especially at this moment in my life. In my mission. On Wednesday I will be completing 20 months which means a short 4 months left.

There are some really ugly birds here called chicharras. They scream and are really annoying. This week one peed in my eye ball. Now my white eyeball has changed to a beautiful color of red ha ha.

Well I love you and hope that you are all being Latter Day Saints every day of your life and that you are always being an example. Cause that is what we do. We put the example. I know the church is true. I don't have a doubt about it. I love you.

Love, Elder Moore

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