Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hello mother that I love so much. That is so awesome that I have a new COUSIN. It would be tight if he was my nephew psh he pretty much is my nephew but at the same time he is pretty much my brother. I consider all the Wilcox kids to be my brothers and sisters. Not just cousins we have been through a lot together and I love them a ton.

So I'll start off with something awesome. The first family that I baptized in the mission is going to the temple this next week. I got the phone call last week. I don't know if I told you but it's for sure. I am going to see them tomorrow and on Monday they take off to the temple I am so happy for them. It will be a great experience for them. Family Machado. My first converts. It makes me happy to see the change in them and see them receive blessings. I don't know if you remember their story but Hermano Machado had smoked for 30 years. He even smoked the day before his baptism but the day before his baptism he made us a promise that he was never going to smoke again because he had such a strong desire to change and get baptized and become a member of the church. They were baptized on January 22nd 2011 and he has made such a great change in his life. And still has not smoked. It is amazing what the true gospel of Jesus Christ can do. It is amazing to see the blessings that come from living and obeying the commandments of God.

Well on to a couple of other things I forgot to tell you. I saw a dead lady. We were walking in the street and a lady had died and well they took the lady home in a taxi. It was ridiculous. I saw the family take the dead lady out of the car and take her into the house and then I just heard everyone start screaming and crying. The same day a 7 year old kid got hit by a bus I saw it a couple minutes after it happened. I saw the bike he was on broken into parts, his crocs on the ground and a bunch of blood. They say he died but I don't know if that is for sure. That was a crazy day though.

Today I went out to eat with my parents from Jinotega. They came down from Jinotega and we went out to a restaurant called El Mexicano.

Other than that I have been kinda struggling with my comp. We have been struggling for like 4 weeks now. He complains about everything. And cries so much he is like a little child. And he is a compulsive liar its horrible. It could be that that number he gave you is a false number. He loves to create problems every where he goes. In the families we are teaching he is horrible with the members. The zls know how he is and I am pretty sure they are going to send him home after this change. I hope so. I have seen him lie a ton. And it bugs. We have got into a lot of fights too. He is way super lazy and complains and never wants to do anything. We have not had any success this change to be honest. And it's been really hard to feel and follow the spirit. Unlike last change when I was working with my convert we threw flames. With my companion right now we baptized a family but it was the family I was teaching with Elder Martinez, a family that already had a date set to get baptized. Other than that we haven't done anything. It's been hard but I am learning patience and humility, two things that I know will help me in my life.

It is frustrating when people lose sight of the real goal. The goal is to make it back to the presence of our Loving Heavenly Father. Knowing that we have "The What¨ and ¨The How¨. In this life we should make a list of HOW we are going to achieve The WHAT. Achieve what we really want. And we should always go back to that list and check and make sure we are doing everything that we can to reach our goal of returning to God's Presence

It is weird being old in the mission. All my friends and all the people I looked up to on the mission are now gone or are leaving, like my best friend from the mission is leaving this change. His name is Elder Ellis. He is the black kid that is in that one Dr. Pepper movie I sent you. It is going to stink to be honest. I was talking to him yesterday but I don't like getting old in the mission. I want the same feeling to come back that I had when I only had a 11 months in the mission. I have met so many friends here that live so close to the house that I plan to kick it with after the mission. Like Elder Weber. He is so tight. I went to the gym with him today in the morning. He is from Payson, Utah. It's crazy that his parents get home this week from their mission, that is what he told me. Tomorrow they get home and we started the mission before them crazy ha ha. Only 4 more months.

This picture is of bananas. They fry bananas here and sell them like chips they are so good.

I have not got my travel plans yet but to be honest I am pretty sure I want to fly into Salt Lake if that is ok. Well mother, I love you a ton. And miss you. Thanks for everything darling, ha ha.

Love you take care,
Love Elder Moore

Here is a weird picture, because Elder Moore is weird!

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