Friday, March 9, 2012

March 5, 2012

Well today was an awesome day. We just lent service the whole day. There was an older man that lived way up in the mountains way away from everything and he was way sick and is way swollen and has been that way for months. So we contacted the firemen and we got him down from there. It's a long story and to be honest I don't think I can describe it all, but we took him down on a stretcher on a way sketchy trail. The old man is a member and his son is a recent convert that is way pilas. So we got him down but that is what we did pretty much the whole day. I'll send you pics.

Well when I get back you are taking me on a shopping spree ha ha and we will make sure that my clothes match ha ha. I will definitely be getting rid of a lot of stuff when I get back, I already know ha ha.

I did get my birthday package. Thank you so much. I loved it but I don't think the cake was good. I haven't tried it. It's still sitting in the house. It reaked when I opened the jar ha ha ha but it's the thought that counts right. That was frosting from a way sweet cake fight we had. It was tight.

So this week we had another baptism. We baptized the daughter of a family that we baptized a little over a month ago. Pedro y Mayra. I am still waiting on the pics from the baptism. I haven't seen my DL so I haven't been able to get them but I'll send them to you tomorrow. Cuz tomorrow I'll see him.

Here I am crawling through the barb wire cause that is the only way to get to a house where recent converts live.

So the attendance kinda went down in a branch and let me tell you why. Supposibly several members saw the branch president drunk and didn't want to go to church that the pres drinks. Well some one from the stake came on Sunday and the pres didn't show so I had to take over and do everything. I am literally the branch president now. I do everything. Interviews. I do the tithing and offerings. I do the deposits and direct the meetings. I do everything. I have learned so much here.

The church is so unorganized here in Matagalpa. I had a one on one meeting interview type thang with someone from the district telling him what we needed to do to make things better here. In all of Matagalpa there are just so many things that are not organized what so ever.

This past week I have had a lot of problems with my comp. It's not easy working with members but I have learned a lot and I have learned to humble my self a lot. We are good now but it was bad for a while but it's all good now. The mission is a learning process and I am definitely learning a lot this change. Mainly patience and to not freak out when I want to and to just humble my self.

So where did the other Pillings live? And what is the name of the video? and I will definitely pray for her.

I love you mommy. The Church is true. I don't have any doubt about it. And I love it.

Love, Elder Moore

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