Friday, March 16, 2012

March 12, 2012

WOW! I am so proud of Brooklyn. I really am. To see the big change in her is amazing. She is really turning into a woman. I like legitimately almost cried reading all that stuff about her. I can't wait to see her. I am so happy that she has found happiness in La Verkin. That is where she needs to be. I hope you filmed her dancing and signing or at least have pictures from that. I would like to see that.

Props mom for getting a ticket ha haha. Well I got a speeding ticket once. It was ridiculous. It was after I got my lift and the speedometer hadn't been changed and I thought I was going 65 but I was really going like 80. When you put bigger tires on a vehicle the speedometer gets thrown off just so you know, just in case you put a lift on your car.

So this week we were in zone meeting in Matagalpa. Matagalpa is like 25 minutes away from San Ramon in a bus. We were there in a meeting and the church door bell started ringing. And Elder Weber went and opened the door and they said they were from San Ramon, so Weber told me there was a family from San Ramon that wanted to talk to me. So I went and sat down with them and talked to him. I didn't know them but after a couple of minutes of talking I got to know them a little better. They had talked to missionaries before and had a goal to get baptized but for some reason the missionaries stopped going by their house. I ended up sharing my testimony and a little message and well put a baptismal date with both of them. Migelangel and his wife Carmen. They have the goal to follow the example of Jesus Christ and receive the only true baptism for this Saturday. It was rough finding their house. We had their directions and they lived on like the far end of our area, a part that we don't usually work in. Cause like I said it's kinda far so we were hitchhiking and told the guy we were going to PLOMO and well by the time we got out of the truck we had passed Plomo by like 2 miles and had to walk back by foot. So we had quite the adventure. We got kinda lost in the middle of nowhere for a while but we ended up finding their house. Sorry my English sucks I am trying hard to explain what happened but it's kinda hard but I think you will understand.

Also this week we found a big parrot in our area. I'll send you pictures. I have pictures.

Our sacrament meeting went good this week. The average church attendance is definitely going up. When I got here we had an average attendance of maybe 15 but now it is like 35-40 so it is going up. This Sunday we had 37. And we had 3 way good speakers. The last speaker was a recent convert and he gave an amazing talk but it was a little evangelical. In the beginning he asked the congregacion a question. He held up a piece of paper and asked them what they saw. The paper had a dot on it. And the congregacion answer well I see a dot. He talked about how many people see the black dot on the people and judge them for that. They just look for the bad and not the good in people. They let the bad over rule the good. It was way funny as well. The congregacion was happy and laughing. It was his first time giving a talk his name is Axacal. The branch pres could not pronounce it so Axacal goes up and says "Ya my name is a little difficult. It's because my parents are difficult." ha ha.

Elder Lerohl, Humphries, Martinez, Herrera, Ortiz...and the Hermanas Atkisson and Quieju.

Well I feel like I have gone on and on about nonsense but the mission is awesome. I feel like I have a ton to tell you but I don't know how to write it down. So I'll drop it off here. I love you a ton mommy. I know the Church is True. I know that with out doubt. I love you.

Love, Elder Moore

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