Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16, 2012

So a little about what is going on here. I had a horrible dream this week. I dremt that it was August 3rd and I was back in Sandy walking around and I was only thinking about how I wasn't a missionary any more, how I didn't have our Saviours name on my chest being his representative. In my dream I also saw Ryan, Matt and Nate and I was so jealous of all of them cause they were all still missionaries. I really do love the mission and it is going to be way hard to leave. I am not looking forward to it. But in the other hand I am. I know my mission doesn't stop when I leave this beautiful country. But I will have to understand that my calling will be a little different but it will always be to represent the Lord and find his lost sheep.

So I have been having a rough time here. My comp is yet to teach in a lesson and I have been with him for 3 weeks. It's rough. I try to tell him but he would rather color in his notebook or look at pictures and videos on his camara. Or even mess around with other peoples cell phones during the lesson and if he is not doing that he is asleep. I have lost count of how many times he has fallen asleep in the lessons. It's really hard. I really do feel like I am by my self here working. It sucks cause in a way I am seeing all the progress and success we have had slowly go down.

But other than that, we are going to baptize a family tomorrow at 9 in the morning. They are also going to get married. The husband is Celio and the wife Alicia. They are such an awesome family. I believe I told you a little bit about the familiy. They truly were prepared before we met them. I told them that we were going to come back in October they are very excited to meet you. I know you will love them. Alicia always tells me that she wishes she had a son like me. I have seen her cry many times. She is a very sweet lady. I actually met her son this week and it was sad he is a drunk. He doesn't live with his parents. He is 35 but he walked into the house when we were there yelling so drunk and wanted to fight with me and my comp. Hating on us, it was sad. After 30 minutes of craziness like I ain't even kidding straight up craziness he got out of hand. There were a bunch of people outside the house. Alicia sat down and was crying she was so embarrassed but we helped her and comforted her. We watched Legacy with them and watched a movie about temples.

Something else that is a little crazy, we were in Matagalpa on Tuesday and we had to get back to San Ramon. It was like 9 at night so we started hitch hiking and someone picked us up at 20 minutes and dropped us off in the middle of no where 5 kilometers from Matagalpa and 10 from San Ramon and this time it was like 9:30 and there was no one and we were in the middle of the dark on the side of the road. There was just a bar there with crazy drunk people dancing. To be honest I didn't think that we were going to make it home. But we had a miracle and someone picked us up and took us back to our beautiful town. San Ramon.

I am so excited for you to come out and meet all the people I have met here, all the friends that I have here.

So, ya it's rough. I have had skin fall off my hands like 3 or 4 times in the mission it has never got to my arms tho. And ya when ever I eat american food or should I say Mcdonalds, I get way sick. But if I eat some crap off the street that I know should be contaminated ha ha nothing happens to me. I am accustomed to the food here. The American food is going to kill me I think.

I love the mission. To be honest the mission is nothing like I thought it was no lie. But I love it and I will miss it a ton. I have learned a lot here and know I will come back being a better person. With a strong unbreakable testimony. Cause I know with out doubt that this is The Kingdom of God and that we are God's Children. I know that with out doubt. I love you.

I think I am going to bounce. Know that I love you and miss ya. Thank you for all your support. And don't worry about me, I am good like for real. All is good here all this ain't gonna bother me at all. I know why I am here and what I am doing. And what is going on there ain't going to change it.

Love, Elder MOore

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