Friday, August 31, 2012

Post Script by Mom

That night we unloaded the souveniers and what few pieces of clothing he had brought back. He worked hard and most of his clothing was left behind because it was so well worn. These shoes made it home as proof of a lot of walking!

He also wore home his threadbare pants!

The next morning Elder Moore was released as a missionary for the
Church of Jesus Christ. He served honorably and well. President Blake left him with some words of counsel for his future. It was a spirit filled meeting.

The following Sunday he gave his release report to the members of the Stake Presidency and the High Council of the Draper Eastridge Stake. He was able to share this experience with a couple of his also return missionary buddies, Paul Willis and Nate Dukatz.

Elder Moore gave his first homecoming talk in the La Verkin 4th Ward, where I now live and attend church. Afterwards, Grandmas prepared a wonderful Mexican fiesta complete with a pinata. It was wonderful to have so many friends and family come to La Verkin for this homecoming.

Then we were off to Sandy for the Eastridge 2nd Ward Homecoming. We stayed at the Farr's and had the homecoming meal at the Morgans. It was wonderful to be back with so many that have loved, supported and strengthened us over the last several years.

The celebrations were fun, but the best part of the homecoming is seeing how much the missionary has grown. Elder Moore's testimony increased, he had a quiet confidence, he had changed. His love for the people of Nicaragua was evident in the way he spoke of them and the stories and memories he shared.

I am so grateful for the mission Justin served. He worked three jobs in the months prior to serving his mission so that he could earn the $10,000 required. This was a blessing to him and to me as his mother. I am so proud of him.

Elder Moore, the last two years were invaluable to you, to me, and to the people you were able to teach. May your testimony always burn bright. And may your time in Nicaragua serving the Savior stand as a foundation and a testament that will guide you throughout your life. I love you son!

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