Friday, December 2, 2011

November 28, 2011

Hello mommy love you.

Well I'll start off with the shoes. The shoes are freakin amazing. I love them,but to be honest I feel so unworthy to put them on. They are so awesome so props on the shoes and the shirt was awesome too. Browns mommy ha ha she is awesome. Did she send you the pictures that we took? Ha ha she made me stand like a little choir boy. I hope you like them. Elders Brown's talk was so funny. At the end of his talk he invited everyone to his house for the get together they were going to have on Sunday ha ha. That guy is a clown. And yes I was there. So no sign on the Christmas packages yet. But I hope to get them before Christmas.

So I do have a new comp. My comps name is Elder Lopez from Guatemala and we are in Las Americashe. He is crazy. Fun fact, in Guatamala they speak 27 languages and well my comp is a little indigenious child and is learning Spanish here. He speaks a language called Kiché. He has a crazy story. He has 9 months in the mission. He is teaching me some kiché today. It was awesome cause we had a conversacion using 4 languages we were trippin so many people out. We were speakin in English Kiché Spanish and Miskitu. It was awesome.

So sounds like you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving. I did too ha ha. I slaved away the whole day. Working in the Lord's work. I love it. But I was thinking of you guys cause I did remember it was Ginger, Bailey and Dawson's birthday. I had ganas to call them secretly and wish them a happy birthday but I did not do it. But give those kids a shout out from me letting them know I love them and happy birthday.

Yes I will skype on Christmas from my house. I live with an elderly couple that are gonna hook me up with a laptop so I can skype on Christmas. We will have as much time as we want. Also if Ginger is able to skype, I would like to skype with her too on christmas. I'll be able to skype at whatever time you want. I have church from 8 to 11. Ya so have you talked to Dawson? I would really like to talk to that kid. And I am pretty sure we are going to have the 3 hours of church cause Christmas here is the 24th of December not the 25th like in the states. Ya the NBA supposibly is going to start on Christmas day.

I love hearing about all the missionaries that are preparing to serve. We need more missionaries. Sometimes we don't understand completely what we possess in our hands. We are a lot stronger than satan. What we have is the complete truth. We need to share it to the whole world. We are here on the earth because we followed our elder brother even Jesus Christ in the pre existence. Let's continue following him now and helping others to follow him as well. Every member of the church is a missionary. We need not stop until we know that all have the truth. It's gonna take some work huh ha ha.

Just throwing this out. Curt Weaver is an amazing person. I love him and respect him a whole ton. He has helped me out a ton. He might not know the impact that he had on my life but he had quite a big one. He helped me through a ton and was all there to be chill and to be awesome.

So we took a new family to church this week it was awesome and they loved it. They said it was excellent. The family that we took to church is going to go to family home evening with us. We are having family home evening in the house of another family that we are teaching. So it's awesome. We have a lot of support from the members here. The members are amazing they are helping a ton and they are doing their part in the wonderful work.

Well mommy I love you a ton. You are an amazing person. You truly are. O and today I am completing 16 months boo ya .

gracias madre tu eres super tuanis ja ja gracias por ser mi mejor amiga y por cuidarme. te amo

Love ya.
Love Elder Moore

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