Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12, 2011

Mom to be honest I feel like crap. My comp and I aren't doing well together. I just don't feel like we are working that hard and reaching our potencial. I feel horrible. But whatev, it's obvious I have to learn something from this. Some days he is mad at me and won't talk the whole time we are tracting. I know we don't have the spirit with us and the work is so much harder without the spirit. Other times he is fine with me, he can change just like that. Good thing I have an awesome elder that eats with us named Elder Johnson. His family lives out by Bingham High School. There are 4 of us that eat there.

And ya, all the missionaries that are coming are Latins. I think there are only like 3 or 4 missionaries from the states that have come this past year. They are all Latins .

I am way excited to talk to you on Christmas. And yes the computer has to be running like a pro if not someone will pay. Ya just let me know how everything goes.

So today in the morning we played a soccer tournament with the zone. We won it. I was on fire today. Playing soccer here is way fun. We set up a way sick court/field in the church. In the championship game today I scored 9 out of the 11 goals that we scored. It was insane we scored so much. The other team only scored 3 but it was way dope today.

I testify that anyone who actually reads the Book of Mormon to understand it will come to know that it really is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it truly is the word of God. No one can prove it false cause because IT ISN'T. Life isn't so hard. If we live the gospel we are happy, if not we aren't.

I am glad that you are happy with the decision that you made to move. To be honest I think you came out on top mom even tho your life didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. You're a winner. You have learned a ton and really have become not just only a mom but my best friend since the divorce. If your kids are great then you gotta love it. And I tell you what your kids are amazingly awesome ha ha. I testify of that ha ha.

Oh and about my shoes, no those aren't the new ones. They are the old ones. I don't want to scuff up the new ones, so when I play soccer I put on the old ones. You like those new shoe laces I be reppin?

I love you mommy but ya imma bounce now. Love ya and thank you for everything.

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