Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5, 2011

Mommy mia love ya. That is good that all went well in Brooklyn's play. I am so proud of her. She is growing up to be an awesome little girl.

So today I have on the shirt and shoes that you sent me. And let me tell you I look so fresh and so clean. I look awesome. Thanks for being such an awesome mommy and having a pro taste in clothes ha ha.

So yes last week I was thinking about Dawson. I miss them all a lot. Dawson bore his testimony with me and I almost cried. It was awesome. I am happy to hear about that great experience he had and how happy he was. I know he will be a great example not only for his brother but for many. He will have a great opportunity to use the power of God in his ward. I love that family to death to be honest. I really do. They truly are part of our family. I love them. They really are like brothers and sisters to me. I figured that they would call there baby Charles. Do we know when the baby is due yet or are we still waiting on a day. Is Ginger getting real big now? I would like to see a pic of this child and her tummy. And about Laynie, it's actually pop lock and drop mom not just drop and lock ha ha. Well I am excited to see her do that on skype. It will be awesome.

So what time are you planning on going over there? Cause I am going to call from our house so you can see my humble abode. I will have all the time in the world to call ha ha the difference of being in the city than being in the out skirts. I am always going to have to find someone for my comp to call. He doesn't have anyone. I figure I have friend that speaks Spanish so he can just call one of them. I'll talk to my comp and ask him if he would like to talk to brandon or Uncle Jon and let you know. He is from Guatemala so maybe Uncle Jon would be a good choice. We will see what happens.

So with my comp I am teaching him how to read. We are reading preach my gospel together each morning. To be honest I thought I would have gotten frustrated but I didn't. We have spent in total like 3 hours reading preach my gospel and we are only on page 7. But we are making progress.

I love testimony Sunday. It really is a great opportunity that we have as members to have our testimonies strengthened. Our bishop cut people off yesterday. I was angry and many other members were too. We got in a fight this week and we are going to have a meeting this Thursday.

So it's beginning to look a not like Christmas. There is still a gran solazo every where we go and it is way hot. The snow still hasn't come but maybe if we are lucky we will see it. What ev.

Ha ha are you kidding? Walmart doesn't exist here and yes there is a Mcdonalds. There are only 2 Mcdonalds in this whole country. How sad ha ha. Don't worry, I'll start takin more pictures so you can visualize. i actually haven't taken the camera out in a while

So this week we only had 2 investigatores in church. But I know that one is converted. He has the goal to receive a true baptism the 24th of this month.

My testimony has grown a ton here on the mission. To be honest I am not sure I had a testimony before the mission. But I left my homeland to serve the lord and here iIhave found it. I have come to an understanding of the truth. I have come to know for myself how true the church is. And not just because others are telling me. But I know with all my heart that this is the true church of Christ. And that the Book of Mormon is a true Registro written by prophets called of God. The priesthood is real. It truly is the Power of God given to man to act in His name. I have seen many miracles. Miracles will always exist. God will never stop being a God of Miracles.

So last night right after we walked in our house and shut the door a huge fight broke out in front of our house. A ton of people yellin throwin punches even grandmas with machetes. It was crazy insane. And the worst thing is that everyone that was fightin was family. Nephews, grandmas and brothers. And they were punchin and swingin machetes. It got intense but nothing too bad happened.

So I hope that Brandon gets that job. That will be something great for him and his wonderful wife. So they are starting up a blog?

Well mother know that I love you. Know that I know this this is truly the Lord's work. And that this is the kingdom of God. We are literally part of the kingdom of God on earth. Love you.

Well ima a bounce mommy. Love you a ton and miss you. Take care.

Love, Elder MOore

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