Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day Skyping

Technology is amazing! I was able to skype with Elder Moore on Christmas Day and it was definitely a wonderful gift. Of course, anyone that knows Justin knows he can't take a normal picture. So this is all I got! Because we spent so much time talking, he didn't write an email on Monday and just asked me to share a few highlights of the skype call.

1. Elder Moore had a White Christmas. A woman called them at midnight on December 25 and told them she wanted to be baptized that day. This is a picture of the baptismal font and the Sister that was baptized. They had another ward member start the water in the font. The water comes in very slow. After two hours they went to check the water level and there was only about 6 inches of water and it was brown. It took almost as long to drain the water! They were finally able to get clean water coming in and were able to proceed with the baptism. They had to call in missionaries from Matagalpa, 30 minutes away, to witness the baptism since no priesthood holders came to church that day.

2. They also found a family on Christmas Day that wanted to learn about the gospel, so they were able to share a lesson with them.

3. They shared a taxi cab with a drunk man who kept swinging a gun around in the car.

4. On Saturday, Elder Moore saved his companion's life. They were walking in the dark and were passing by a construction site. Justin noticed there was a drop off and warned his companion to be careful. The drop off was a 20 foot hole filled with concrete, rocks and rubble. The mud under the comp gave out and he fell and he was barely hanging on and if he gave him like a couple more seconds he would have been a goner and there is nothing he could have done to help himself. He was stuck. (Justin's words).He said he saved his life. They were both in shock but so happy.

5. Only three people attended church on Sunday. The missionaries and one lady. Elder Moore and his companion said the prayers, blessed and passed the sacrament and gave the talks. There is usually 19 people there, so they were surprised to see everyone took Christmas Day off!

6. Justin kept asking me if I thought he looked older. He asked me like ten times. Finally I said, "Why do you keep asking me that question?" He said the Nicaraguans think he looks thirty years old. He is only twenty.

7. Lastly, he stood up so I could see his body. I don't know why, he just said he wanted me to see his body. Crazy kid! Anyway, all I really saw was holes in his pants and white showing through. I know the ladies wash their pants on rocks, so I don't know why I was so surprised. The very next day I went out and bought him new pants, a white shirt, a belt and some socks. He said he needed socks because the ones he was wearing he had on for four days and they reeked. Great! I was thankful I had sent him a pair of pants for Christmas and some new socks. But rest assured, more are on the way.

So there are some of the highlights. It was great. Elder Moore is a good missionary, but he still has his wacky personality.

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