Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20, 2011

So this week I had changes from Managua to an area called San Ramon. It's really tiny and it's up in the mountains and it's really cold here. It's in the Zone Matagalpa. Anyways I am back to hypervenilating when I take showers. I wake up cold and well the water is even colder. So I feel like by when Sunday comes around I'll be feelin just fine. I haven't got back to feeling 100 percent but I am workin on it.

So sounds like you had a very eventful week ha ha. Awesome.

So here's a picture of the new duds you got me.

I did get the packages last week when I had changes. Monday night they called me up and told me I had changes and to pack up and be in the office the next day to leave to Matagalpa. So I left on a bus on Tuesday all alone to Matagalpa. The first time I was alone in 16 months and let me tell you what, it felt kinda weird. But ya I have the packages but still haven't opened them. I want to have gifts on Christmas so I am waiting until then. But it's only like 5 days away so it's cool.

I didnt do this. This is a kid's house and he had permision to graffiti it.

It's a member from the ward in Managua and well he started graffiting my name every where. He said he was going to change his tag name ha ha. But ya that is just the beginning of his work there. He is going to tag it all up.

So ya I am in a little branch now and the branch president is a recent convert and really doesnt know much. Like 19 people went to church this week. And I gave a talk. Supposibly the missionaries give talks every week. We pretty much do everything. This branch kinda fell apart a couple months ago. Well I am in that area now working with Elder Thorum. He is from California. And our area is tiny. But we did find some new families to teach. It's way super poor here. There are a couple of people that we are teaching that don't even have lights just 4 little walls.

So yesterday we did have the Christmas activity. Half the mission went yesterday and the other half went today. And for that reason I didn't write cause I went yesterday.

So yesterday I did something I probably shouldn't have done but I did it. Marlon has been writing me and wanting me to talk to his wife and teach her cause he really wants her to get baptized. I don't know if you remember Marlon but he got baptized on my birthday in Sebaco. So on our way back from the christmas activity we stopped by his house my comp was also in Sebaco. And well we went to his house and visited him and taught his wife and had a good lesson with her. Sebaco is like an hour away from our area. We just got off the bus early. And well President found out somehow. I think he thinks we just got off to mess around but it wasn't like that and well we should be expecting a call from him tonight. Probably not the smartest thing and to be honest don't feel real good about it. But after the lesson last night Marlon told me thanks and that he was happy. I don't think president knows why we were in Sebaco but I am sure I'll be able to tell him all tonight if he calls. But ya just thought I would share that with you.

When you see grandma tell her thanks. And that I love her. I got her package and letter. And both the ties are way awesome. Everyone loved the potato head tie and well the Donald Trump tie too ha ha. I wore the Trump tie to the Activity yesterday. Grandma is awesome. Thank you so much love you a ton Grandma.

But ya mommy I am excited to talk to you this week. Love you a ton.

Love, Elder Moore

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