Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 14, 2011

Wow a lot of informacion this week. I am running way behind today and don't know how long this letter will be but I'll try to make it a nice letter to read.

First of all, that is horrible about the missionaries I didn't hear about that. That is crazy. That must be really rough on the families but it is all part of the plan and us being members of the church understand the Great Plan of Salvation. It's hard now but they will return to see their loved ones.

I always loved going to high school games. I am so jealous of Brooklyn. She will love it. That is awesome for her to pass all that time with her friends on the bus going up to Salt Lake City. Hopefully they win this year. They deserve it.

So this week I was thinking that maybe you shouldn't come pick me up from Nicaragua. I think it would be better if we came back together a little bit after the mission. It would be more enjoyable. We will be able to do more stuff and chill. And don't worry I'll pay for my ticket. So the money that you are saving to come here just save a little longer and then a couple months after the mission we can come back here and chill. But what do you think? And I always have wanted to get off the airplane from my mission to see my family waiting for me. Ha ha! But what do you think? Is that ok?

So the way awesome family we were teaching went to internet and read a bunch of crap about the church and so we had to explain everything. It was such a crazy long appointment but awesome. We cleared all the doubts and then they prayed about it after we left and said that they received an answer and knew everything they read was a lie and what we were saying was the truth. It has been amazing to see this family receive answers to their prayers. It's been awesome to see them progress.

This week they went to church with us. They told us to go to their house at 7:30. Church starts at 8 so we got there at 7:35 to take them to church and they weren't there and we were all bummed. We thought that they had an emergency or something but when we arrived to the chapel the family was there waiting for us. It was amazing. We have plans to baptize them this week. It is a way super awesome family. They already know all the members cause every time we teach them we take members with us.

I know that God answers prayers. I know that with out doubt. And I know that miracles exist. I love you and miss ya ton.

Oh today we had a way sick soccer tournament. My team made it to the championship but we barely lost. It was crazy and way awesome. We played like maybe 7 games and I scored probably like 20 goals. In one game I had 6 goals. It was way dope.

And well Dano gets back this week. That is crazy and I am dying of heat right now. I feel like I am going to pass out.

Love you and miss ya a ton.
Love, Elder Moore

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